11 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing Solutions for Your Miami Home
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Shingle roofs have had so many benefits going into their favor over the years. They quickly became popular and more preferred over other materials due to their features like:

  • Versatility, which allowed installers to lay them down in different ways
  • Cost-effectiveness, which set them apart from other materials not just due to their cost but also value for money
  • Available designs, which allowed you to buy your favorite design with ease
  • Ease of installation, making the entire installation process seamless for you

Despite all their benefits, shingle roofs today are being replaced by an even better roofing material – metal. But wasn’t there a metal roofing company near you in Miami FL even before? True, except that we hadn’t realized just how incredibly useful metal can be for roofing.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

Just like shingle roofs, metal roofs have many advantages of their own, such as:

11 Reasons to Choose Metal Roofing Solutions for Your Miami Home

Lightweight: Believe it or not, metal roofing panels are way lighter than asphalt shingle panels. They are thinner and sleek-looking, which makes them so light, and yet just as sturdy as you would expect them to be.

  • Easy to Install:

Metal roofing panels are not just light. They also come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to carry out the entire roofing installation without two panels overlapping.

  • Can be Installed over Existing Roof:

Afraid that your roof may come off if you rip it? Then don’t do it. Instead, install metal panels just over them with absolute ease. Their lightweight ensures that your roof isn’t burdened by a lot of weight.

  • Increases Life of Your Home:

The lightweight metal roofing panels also put lesser weight on the walls of your wall. This helps keep them intact for longer.

  • Metal Roofing Panels Last Longer Themselves:

Metal roofing panels can last for more than 50 years without needing any maintenance. Some of the metal panels can last for much longer than that.

  • Available in Elegant Designs:

Looking for something different to augment your house’s aesthetics? There are many designs available with roofing companies in Miami that you can check out before deciding.

  • Choices of Different Metals:

Different materials used for metal roofs have their own unique benefits. Some of the metals you can choose for your roofing solution are zinc, copper, aluminum, and steel.

More Environmentally-Friendly:

Every metal roofing panel comprises at least 25% of recycled material. Also, once your metal roof is ready to be replaced, you can recycle 100% of its contents. There isn’t a better environmentally-friendly roofing solution you can ever get.

  • Hurricane-Resistant:

Hurricanes can damage almost every roof type, just not the ones made out of metal. That’s another reason why many people are transitioning towards metal roofs.

  • Other Benefits:

Metal roofing deflect both heat and cooling from either side. This helps keep you secure from unsettled weather on one hand, while keeping your home warmer or cooler for longer indoors on the other. This brings down your energy bills, giving you more savings every month! Metal roofs are also fire-proof, as well as termite or rodent-resistant.

  • More Expensive but More Economical:

Metal is more costly than asphalt used in shingle roofs. However, metal roofs last for 3 times longer, while also providing many other benefits, which actually makes them a better and more economical option among the two.

If you think that shingle roofing panels were perfect, wait till you make the switch to metal roofs. With them on top of your house, you will be able to feel more secure than ever. Call the leading metal roofing company near you in Miami FL for a free quote today.

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Jonathan Rodriguez
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  • It’s great to know that metal roofs are not only energy-efficient but also very resistant to hurricane damage. Last year’s weather was quite frightening for a lot of homeowners, so I want to be prepared for anything this year might throw at us, even if it’s a deadly hurricane. I’ll do that by taking your advice and finding a metal roofing contractor in the area that I can work with.

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