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scientific movies
By HERSHEY ROSEN 2,588 views

These 5 Amazing Scientific Movies Will Blow Your Mind

Finding a good movie to watch is like finding a needle in an ocean. While there are hundreds of movies for people to enjoy, there are those who prefer quality to quantity. This is why tech mogul, Hershey Rosen, reviewed some spectacular movies for you to enjoy. Hershey Rose has successfully built his career as a tech entrepreneur for over 18 years.

These movies are:


This is a movie that focuses on what goes on at work. Its main theme is on big healthcare industries and their dubious practices. In the movie, workers in the healthcare firms may decide to separate their personal and work-related memories. Then the workers can live as two separate individuals with different personalities.

Each employee’s work personality only shows up when they are at work. They work nonstop without taking any breaks. Their personal personality only comes out when they leave work. The word personality has nothing to do with personal personality. This movie portrays the fragmentation and compartmentalization of our lives with the use of technology. This can be related to real-life, where people live one life on social media and another life outside social media. It asks how people balance their work and lives. Is there a clear boundary between the two? Why do people live a fake life on social media, but their real-life self is different? To know how this movie creates awareness about self disintegration, watch severance.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

This is a multiple-universe hopping martial arts movie. Its directors are the popular directors called Daniels. The main theme of the movie is theology and philosophy. However, the moral lesson from the movie is quite vague because it encourages kindness and freedom. It explores how people surf the internet for news and posts. It shows how people use the internet to also check out the lives of their online friends. It showcased how people can be addicted to the internet and everything that comes with it. In the movie, the virtual world is a world that confines people inside an imaginary space. People feel that they can do anything on the internet because they are anonymous. Evelyn, the female lead in the movie aptly portrayed the dilemma many people face on the internet. She debated within herself if she should be tempted by the all-consuming power of the internet. Or should she limit herself and have self-control when using the internet? Watch Everything on Youtube to find out.

After Yang

This is a sci-fi family movie made by Kogonada that deals with human nature. It touches on how human beings behave. The main protagonists are four members of a family from diverse backgrounds. One of the male children called Yang is a robot. The robot stopped functioning at the beginning of the movie. This led the family to grieve the loss of Yang. The family felt sad as if it were a real son that died. The film explores the link between the robot and the rest of his human family. Why did Yang, a machine, feel emotionally connected to his human family? What human feelings did Yang feel and experience? Was Yang socially developed with a good EQ? If you need an answer to these questions, then watch After Yang.


KIMI is a fast-paced movie by Soderbergh, Steven. It is a thriller-packed action movie. The female lead works as a data analyst whose main flaw is technology paranoia. She works for a technology firm that created KIMI, a virtual home controller. Kimi, like other home assistants, was made to listen to the command prompts of the homeowners. However, KIMI also works as a double agent. It spies on the users of KIMI. KIMI explores the darker side of home assistants and technology. That is the use of technology to invade people’s privacy. This movie astutely depicts how scary technology can be if used inappropriately. It shows how bad individuals can use technology to control people, spy on them, and sell their personal data. On the other hand, the movie also shows the good side of technology. One of them is the inability of criminals to hide their crimes with the aid of technology. However, the question in the minds of the viewer is, do the advantages of technology outweigh its disadvantages? Can we trade our privacy just to catch criminals and punish them with technology? Are tech innovators more profit-minded or want to help society? How truthful are big tech firms when it comes to applications of technology? Eager to find out the answers to these questions? 

Swan Song

Director Clearly Benjamin outdid himself with this scientific fiction movie. Furthermore, the actors brought their roles to life in an exceptional manner. This movie is a futuristic movie that touches on the moral ethics of technology. One of the lead actors is dying and wants to use technology to clone himself in secret. The clone will have everything the original human has, but it will be healthy. The question is, is this morally right? Can family and friends differentiate between a clone and a real person? Are you not deceiving your loved ones by making a clone to take your place? Is it worth it to be on your deathbed and have a clone take your place? Does it make sense for your loved ones to be unaware of your death? Watch Swan Song and see if it’s right to have a clone while you are dying.


All the above-mentioned movies are highly recommended by Hershey Rosen. They are thought-provoking movies that will sometimes make you cry, yet bring a smile to your face. They make you question what you believe to be the truth. Do not hesitate to watch them, and you’d be glad you did.

Hershey Rosen

Hershey Rosen has over 18 years of experience in the field of technology entrepreneurship. He is From Montreal, Quebec. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.