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Aromatherapy benefits
By EVERETT ROSS 1,503 views

5 Aromatherapy Benefits to the Elderly Patients

Aromatherapy involves essential oil & it is a type of alternative medicine that can be of extreme benefit to elderly patients. Aromatherapy can be used to improve elderly patients’ health and mood. Aromatherapy benefits help to reduce the number of ailments of elderly patients, for example, dementia, respiratory infections, blood circulation, arthritis, etc. No medicine can give as many health benefits to elderly patients as Aromatherapy benefits can. Aromatherapy is a good way to cure symptoms of illness or just help elderly patients with aging. Aromatherapy benefits help elderly patients to keep their body relaxed and calm.

In this topic, we are to discuss the aromatherapy benefits for elderly patients.

1. Helps in reducing dementia

One of the best Aromatherapy benefits are dealing with Dementia. It is a disease that is commonly found in elderly citizens and includes behavioral disturbances, mood swings, agitation, etc. The use of aromatherapy offers soothing sensory stimulation that helps in removing agitation and relieves boredom. It helps in improving their quality of living & reduces stress levels to a great extent.

2. Improves the Cognitive Function

Aromatherapy helps in improving the cognitive function of elderly citizens. Inhaling essential oils can trigger their smell receptors, which helps to stimulate the hippocampus and the amygdala. These are the areas of the brain which controls our memory and all types of emotional responses. On research about how aromatherapy benefits are to the elderly citizens, researchers have proved that it is safe and provides a great deal.

3. Helps in Reducing Anxiety

One of the other aromatherapy benefits for elderly patients in reducing stress levels. Hand massage using herbal oils is one type of aromatherapy that helps to reduce anxiety. These are believed to have great effects on elderly patients. The best essential oils for hand massage as per experts are lavender, orange, lemon & rosemary. By reducing anxiety levels, aromatherapy also helps in improving the self-esteem of the elderly.

4. Reduce pain levels

Arthritis is also commonly found in elderly citizens. It is a form of the disease which causes to have joint pains and is mostly found in people above 65 years ago. Aromatherapy helps in reducing arthritis in elderly patients. Research has shown that turmeric essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the best aromatherapy benefits and helps in reducing joint pains of these patients. Along with turmeric oil, ginger and basil essential oils has got anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

5. Improved Digestion

Aromatherapy helps in improved digestion in elderly citizens. Putting in a few drops of essential oils like almond oil, jojoba, etc., can help them to improve their digestion. Since indigestion is something that starts with age, the mentioned essential oils can be used to improve the same. A few other essential oils which can prove beneficial for elderly citizens with their digestion can be ginger, fennel, etc.

Everett Ross

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