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bridal wedding
By JOE MAILLET 897 views

5 Indian Wedding Trends to Watch out for

Indian weddings are always a grand spectacle. The planning, the detailing, the pomp and show, the decor, all contribute towards making it a special affair and an out-of-the-world extravaganza. At the center are the bride and the groom, who spend months, deciding what to wear on their D-day, which is followed by pre-wedding photoshoots and a wedding planner’s intervention to give shape to a picturesque wedding. Here’s a look at 5 Indian wedding trends that are fast catching up.

Keeping it Green 

Environment-friendly decor at weddings is another trend that is fast becoming a preference for many. It only makes sense as we talk volumes about rising carbon footprint and humongous waste, which does make weddings of this nature a viable option. Where wedding decor itself is a significant contributor to the same, there an increasing need for decor that’s all the way ecological. The use of flowers that are sourced locally, the use of solar lights, and using recycled paper for invitation cards are slowly catching up at many places. Some weddings saw people resorting to using succulents dressed as centerpieces, which can be collected as a token of visit by the attending guests. Besides, other biodegradable materials like jute and bamboo are also being used as decor materials across the wedding venue. They not only function towards making a celebration sustainable and ecological, but the inherent rustic charm adds an earthy tone to the decor, offering a different vibe altogether. In some places, one can also witness the use of energy-saving lights and soy candles paired up against designer drapery. Floral garlands are also being replaced by paper flowers, which can be further, recycled, thus saving on carbon footprint.

The floral power 

What is the one common thing that connects all weddings in terms of decor? Flowers. There’s no doing anything without the floral decoration. Having said that, floral trends in wedding decor are fast changing from being classical towards evolving styles and are open to experimentation. Guess what. While fresh blooms are generally preferred for all-around decor, dried sola balls have also made a strong foray into the market. Creating floral textures and elegant patterns matching the theme of the wedding is one such trend that is increasingly being witnessed across celebrity weddings. Wedding designers are using a lot of layers in their designs with ruffles and fringes, coupled with fabrics that are self textured. The use of Pampas grass is being seen extensively along with tables, aisles and lounges are geared towards offering a new kind of experience to guests when seated. As a matter of fact, the past few years have witnessed a tremendous surge in decor workshops for wedding tables being held from time to time hosted by designers. The concepts revolve around the idea of restraining the floral look and never overdo the same.

The tropical touch 

Many couples fancy a beach wedding, and keeping in mind the need, wedding planners are looking to bring in the tropical flavor. A mishmash of rustic colors and earthly elements gives way towards creating a tropical paradise to the likes of bohemian beds, wooden tables, and fun stalls. The addition of a swing right beneath a tree can contribute efficiently to highlight the theme and a couple of photobooth for the fun and giggles. Tropical themed weddings demand vibe that is energetic and bustling with people all around. An excellent way to add to that is by incorporating tropical floral instead of regular blooms. The use of boutonnieres and mini ferns are a great away to bring in the tropical vibe. Some wedding planners prefer to go a notch above as they choose to include little fruit trees, pineapples on the table, wicker fans, and coasters made of terra cotta to heighten the effect. If you plan on setting up a mini bar, your inspiration comes in the form of banana leaves, which serves as not only a tropical reference but also an excellent medium to try some calligraphy for the bar menu.

 Going Retro 

Bygone are the halcyon days of the big fat Indian wedding. These days, people are keen on making their weddings more customized and personal. Retro is one such trend that is fast replacing the classical weddings that have always managed to stay in vogue. The use of vintage objects like typewriters and old sewing tables to put the wedding cake are being used extensively at a retro-themed wedding. The use of dried flowers instead of fresh floral is another smart addition. Mason jars are replacing glasses to serve cocktails. Other decor elements include Victorian frames, vintage birdcages along with mirrors and metal vases. One might as well ask their guests to dress up the retro way, which would always be a beautiful inclusion to the overall vibe and mood for the occasion.

For over the years, Indian weddings have stood to be a symbol of vibrant colors. It’s only recently that there has been a sudden change towards using offbeat colors like pink and associated shades, blues, peaches, and purples being used extensively. Gold tinges are also quite popular. In fact, people are opting for color scheme weddings these days that pits every single element of decor in one single color. Having said that, the unnecessary jazz and pomp have taken a backseat, and minimalist themes have come to play.

Wedding planners are fast turning to use natural lights for a day setup, except or days that are overcast with clouds. During the evening, the use of indirect lights for seating area of guests and direct ones to highlight decor elements are in vogue. For retro themed weddings, the use of Edison bulbs with colorful filaments adds to the charm incessantly. The use of delicate fairy lights or even rice lights is also not uncommon and contributes to add a dreamy note to the wedding venue. Another great inclusion is tiny spotlights that seem to do the trick right, as they stay hidden but continue to illuminate by reflecting across surfaces.


Joe Maillet

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