The old marketing is dead! Whether it is a startup or an established firm, no business can run without marketing. In case you are planning to run a startup, you need to understand the effective marketing tools unless you won’t be able to compete in the competitive world. Whether it is online reputation repair, SEO or free press release distribution, a number of marketing tools are there to build up the credibility and brand image of the business.

Here are the five most effective ways to market a startup business:

1. Make a Video

How you market yourself, is all about how you highlight your work in front of the audience. Everyone knows that video marketing is an effective tool for a business. However, most people think it is expensive and time-consuming. In reality, it is one of the cheapest sources of marketing. Furthermore, most people love watching a video instead of reading. Also, a video usually fetches more audience as compared to other social media tools. All you need to make a presentation and upload it on social media channels.

2. Online Reputation

In the competitive environment, the demand for online reputation management is increasing for many reasons. Today one bad review from the audience can bring down your business, whether they are justified or not. Your brand becomes your identity, therefore its online reputation can make you or break you. So, it is advisable for you to hire professionals who can repair and maintain your online reputation. It can do a lot for your brand awareness and credibility.

3. PR is always the best option

A press release tells a story about you – about your business – about the output of your business to the public. When you do PR or have a member of the media house that covers everything about your business, it helps in building a brand and endorsement. Furthermore, industries start talking about you, and if your company is doing well, it may get featured in the business magazines like Forbes, Times, etc. Good PR can contribute a lot to your business success. You can approach PR Submission Site, an instant approval website to submit press release free.

4. Different Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing rules! Nowadays, almost every business is using digital marketing to fetch the customer. You can test multiple marketing channels and ideas to evaluate what works for your business. Often, it’s not any one tool, but a combination of all of the above. When your customer reads your press release, find you in a search engine result or finds your name mentioned in a blog (content marketing), somewhere they start accepting your brand as dependable, solid, known entity. They may not have the need for your product or service at present, but when they do, it will be your name that pops up in their mind instead of a competitor’s.

5. Customer Feedback

Acknowledgment rules! Good or bad what customer think about you and your services is essential for you to know. If you don’t acknowledge your customer’s feedback, whether it is a complaint or appreciation, it makes it look like their feedback doesn’t matter to you. Remember, even if a customer comes to you and is furious, that’s a great opportunity for you to publicly show how openly you acknowledge the feedback of customers or make customers feel valued. So, this is how customer feedback plays a great role in building your brand.

Bottom Line

So, these effective ways like content marketing, free press release distribution, online reputation, customer feedback, video marketing, and few other marketing techniques are the essential tool that will help you in promoting a brand and maintain a reputation online with ease.

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Mike Larren
Mike Larren
Mike Larren is chief editor at PR Submission Site, an instant approval free press release website. He has 5 years of experience in the writing industry.

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