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Mappin, the home furnishing store that was shut down in the year 1999 has been revived again. And this time it is not just a physical store, it has also included online sales in it. The store Mappin will be now Marabraz e-commence. The store will be handled by cousins ​​Nader and Abdul Fares. They will play the role of retailers in the Marabraz e-commerce store. Also, both of them are currently running the group alongside uncle Nasser. In a secondary moment, the family also plans to open physical stores. Already the family of fares has bought 2 lands – one is in the Marginal Pinheiros and the second one is in the city center, near the place where Mappin was closed.

The online Mappin store will be having an introductory collection of 15,000 items for sale, with a bed, table and bath products, housewares, furniture, decoration, among other categories. According to Abdul Fares, the store will deliver throughout Brazil, aiming to serve a large audience.

Mappin, now known as Marabraz E-commence appeared in Brazil in 1913 and had a five-story building in hub São Paulo. In its initial years, the store was a gathering point for the São Paulo elite. There were only shipped pieces equipped approaching the uppermost classes. Amongst the innovations that the storehouse has carried to retail in the town are the piece of showcases, credit cards and price tags on the shop windows. The association determined to unlock more units but concluded up expanding mortgage. In 1999, the organization announced liquidation. After 10 years, the authority of Mappin acquired the brand at an auction for about 5 million reais. At the time, the agreement was to recommence sales in 2013. After 20 years the company regained the brand.

Marabraz was established in 1972, designed by Lebanese emigrant Abdul Fares. Firstly, the store was named as Credi-Fares and was inaugurated in São Paulo. And when the founder of the organization passed the children took over the company, acquired the Marabraz brand, and renewed the name for Lojas Marabraz.

With notable starring announcements and publications such as the duo Zezé di Camargo and Luciano and actor Fábio Porchat, the company has more than 130 stores in the state of São Paulo. Also, according to information presented by Marabraz spokesman Abdul Fares to Móveis de Valor magazine, the plans for 2020 are to open a physical store with the traditional Mappin brand.

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