It’s in 2020. It’s a new year and a new decade and if your business is still using tactics from a decade ago, you’re probably way behind from those using new tactics and technology. The environment is evolving, so should you. Without the right technology and resources like an updated business directory, there could be confusion amongst your team members resulting in loss of time, money and efforts.

Challenges Facing B2B Sales

The B2B environment is riddled with challenges with the changing times. Problems and challenges that exist now were nowhere in sight a few years back.

Customers are now well-informed

The modern buyer has technology at their fingertips which allows them to not only research products and services that will satisfy their needs but also you, your company, offerings, and reviews. In fact, according to a Forrester report, 59% of buyers prefer their own research online instead of interacting with a sales representative.

Availability of too many options

Just like you have a wide range of data providers who you can go to get the data you’re looking for, customers to have access to a wide range of suppliers who can provide products and services that you have to offer. The B2B Buying Process Report 2019 by Sana Commerce found that on average, buyers evaluate between 3 and 5 vendors and suppliers before making a B2B buying decision.

Too many decision-makers

There are more people involved in the decision-making process now than ever before. In fact, I’ve seen salespeople make big mistakes by discounting those on the lower levels of the organization. You should know that 81% of non-C-suite (‘Chief’ senior executives) have a say in key purchase decisions. That’s a lot of people you’re not paying attention to.

What is a Business Directory and Why You Need It?

Before I tell you how you can begin to take advantage of the B2B directory to increase sales, let’s understand what a business directory really is.

A B2B business directory, online or print,  is a listing of businesses and their employees. The listings provide information about specific businesses such as the name, address, contact information, associations, and more that you could use for your business needs. These businesses are usually categorized on factors such as industry, location, or size etc.

For example, if you were looking for a list of wholesale companies in Canada – you should be able to find information on wholesale distributors and wholesale suppliers in Canada. A business directory allows you to sort through this pile of data and use what’s needed for your business.

Did you know? Biznology reports that today’s sales processes are 22% longer than five years ago. Imagine going after the wrong people in this long sales journey only to realize they’re not looking to buy what you have to offer.

Advantages of Using a Directory

1. Alignment of Teams

With access to an accurate list of leads provided by a B2B directory such as Scott’s Data, your entire team will know who exactly to target and with what messaging. Saying the right things to the right people can help bring you closer to making a deal and improving your sales.

2. Focus on Important Tasks

With access to a readymade list of contacts, you can save time doing research and wasting time finding irrelevant contacts. Let’s look at the earlier example if you’re looking for a list of wholesale suppliers in Canada or wholesale distributors you can now get it with just a few clicks through a B2B directory like Scott’s Data instead of browsing all corners of the internet for it.

3. Connect with Customers Faster

When you can get contact information of more than 180,000 B2B companies through one portal, imagine how quickly you could send out a message to a large number of customers.

4. Strengthen your Reputation

An updated database gives you access to newfound information that may previously not be available. With information like this, you can get to know your customers better by identifying needs, build stronger relationships and further strengthen your reputation in the market.

Competition is not going to slow down and businesses today cannot afford not leveraging a platform that can get them closer to their customers. Over the years I’ve watched businesses fail and succeed, the difference being one changed with the times and the other didn’t.  So, pick your battles and choose which side of the statistic you want to be.

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Joe Maillet
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