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All-American season 6
By AMANDA MILLS 187 views

Want to Know When the All-American Season 6 is Coming Out?

All the All-American seasons released to the public were well received, including the All-American season 6. The All-American franchise is a sports drama that is shown season by season. Just recently, season 5 completed its airing on an American TV screen in May this year before moving to Netflix. The 20-episode series didn’t long for viewers to watch. As a result, they are eagerly anticipating when season 6 will come out. Seasons 1 to 5 are available for viewing on all legal streaming platforms.

What is the All-American show?

As written above, the All-American show has been producing high-quality shows every season. But the last season, season 5, was said to top the chart. It left people thinking maybe the upcoming All-American season 6 will even be better. Each season of the All-American season always ends with a cliffhanger. And the answers to them come with the next season. The last season had unexpected twists, like the demise of a much-loved character.

Streaming Platforms

The show has always been first on CW and has the right to show it first. This is followed by Netflix after CW has aired it to viewers at home. All in all, the two major platforms that air the show are CW and Netflix. So if you don’t have access to CW, wait for it to move to Netflix to watch it.

What happened to the characters in the fifth season

Most of the main characters had the luck to stay alive in season 5, while others were not so lucky. One of them was killed off in the middle of the season. And another was left hanging with his fate unknown. He was attacked and stabbed in the fifth season, with people not knowing if he’d live until the season ended. The answer to whether he will live or not will be revealed in All-American season 6.

So, until then, viewers are left guessing. Moreover, according to an information update in October 2023, the airing of the sixth season has been shifted to 2024, a year after season 5 was aired. The renewal for season six was signed in January 2023 while the 5th season was still on air.

All-American season 6 new season renewal

An executive of the production company said that his firm (CW) has agreed to have another season. In his words, his firm has produced five seasons within the last five years. What’s more, each season has been an all-time favorite of viewers at home. 

He further stated that the show isn’t only CW’s youngest show, but it’s also its most high-performing one to date. Therefore, CW looks forward to its continued working relationship with the cast members, production and creative crews, and the directors. Additionally, he hoped all hands would be on deck to make All-American season 6 a showstopper like the other seasons.

Delay in the production of season 6

While talks have been ongoing for the sixth season, production has been delayed over and over again for some reason. For example, CW initially wanted to premiere season 6 later in the year 2023. But this is impossible due to the actors’ and writers’ strike in the United States. Thus, CW had to put the premiere date to another date, which is next year.

Ironically, the strike ended sooner than later. So, the writers for the All-American show will start working on the show’s script writing. Everybody on the show is hopeful that a satisfactory conclusion will be reached for American actors and writers. Otherwise, the show would be delayed further.

Is there anything different in season 6?

The season promised to bring with it a different approach to the show, such as fewer episodes. Although viewers wouldn’t want a reduction in the number of episodes, it seems it will happen. From the normal 20 episodes fans are used to, it might slightly reduce due to the 2023 strike. All-American isn’t the only show affected by this. Other CW shows will also experience a shortage of episodes.

Cast reduction

Well, the number of episodes isn’t the only thing that will change in the next season. The cast members will also be short of some members. For instance, Billy Baker died in season 5 when the bus fell off, and wouldn’t be returning in season 6. It is unclear if the stabbed character at the end of season 5 would make it to the sixth season. Similarly, Olivia Baker’s move to another country in season 5 makes her possible appearance in season 6 uncertain.

Some possible characters you might see in the sixth season

  • Tamia Cooper
  • Jordan Baker
  • Spencer James
  • Asher Adams
  • Layla Keating
  • Dillion James
  • Grace James, and so many more.

Some characters you might not get to see

  • Patience Robinson
  • Olivia Baker
  • Billy Baker (dead)

Netflix premiere of the sixth season

Netflix will certainly show season 6, but when that would be is still unknown. Besides, CW has to air the show first before it moves to Netflix days later. For example, if CW finishes airing the next season in the first week of May, then before May ends, Netflix will air it. However, nobody knows when CW will air the next season. Normally, CW airs its new seasons in October, but that has changed this year till 2024. If by chance, the writers have written parts of the scripts before the strike occurred. Then it might hasten production later, otherwise, the airing date will be affected by production delay.


The All-American season 6 when it airs will have high ratings, just like its predecessors. CW put everything into the show to make it a good series to watch. But with the current situation of the writers and actors in America, the airing date of the show hasn’t been fixed. However, once a premiere date has been chosen, Netflix has promised to tell the public. In the meantime, you can stream seasons one to five of the All-American show on Netflix and enjoy.

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