Ari Rastegar

Ariah Rastegar is a financial investor and the owner of Rastegar Equity Partners, an investment firm based in Dallas, Texas that provides investors with chances to get the best possible return for their investments in the real estate industry and elsewhere. Rastegar also understands how to manage private equity and helps his investors manage their worth and create new opportunities for growth. Private equity managers and investors take on risk and liability for their clients to provide the best possible returns on investment they can for their clients. Rastegar is mostly involved in the real estate industry for investing, finding what he and his associates call ‘recession-resilient’ properties like self-storage complexes and discount retail properties.

Ari Rastegar | Managing Private EquityManaging private equity is a difficult action in investing, even for experienced investment firm leaders like Ari Rastegar. Smart private equity investors manage private equity by investing in the operating budgets of companies, preferably in several different industries, to help them get big returns on the investment and pay back the investors and the investment firm. Most managers use a buy-to-sell approach, purchasing stakes in companies and leveraging the company’s success to sell off their investments later. This strategy works if done properly, of course, but not all private equity investors can only take this approach.

Ari Rastegar takes a nuanced approach to managing his customers’ investments in private equity and in the real estate industry. By making information readily available to all of his clients and investors, he opens the door to better returns and better investments.

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Ariah Rastegar
Ariah Rastegar was born and raised in Austin, Texas and started his professional career as a ground-up developer in Spring Branch, Texas, just north of San Antonio. He partnered with a local developer there and found success, which eventually led him to private equity commercial real estate. Today, he runs Rastegar Equity Partners in Dallas, Texas, a real estate investment firm.

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