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What turned you up from a bad mood and a hectic day schedule? Isn’t it listening to some fine music and see some Arts performance of your choice .In the ocean of Arts, if we try to find the finest gem then surely our search would probably ends to a well known Barrett Wissman, a musician, artist who have changed the place of art and music. Barrett Wissman has set the sky as a limit for young and experienced artists. A great entrepreneur who changed the meaning of fine arts for the whole world by starting his first small Festival in a calm village with prestigious performances rather than organizing in big cities like Edinburg or Milan. Wissman has given wings to the artists from various fields and what matter most is to get the perfection from differentiation.

Barrett Wissman small festival of music and arts turned in to “Tuscan Sun Festival” which has promoted the refined Arts to its new horizon. His Journey did not stop here. Wissman has given some of the unique magical Festivals all around the world. Cherishing the arts and music in every sphere of life Wissman has 500 artists, 200 specialists, 30 years of experience, 10 offices, 6 divisions, 5 continents; Barrett not only invested time and effort into turning the company a leading player in the performance art scene but also made it one spot shop for getting the finest IMG artists.

IMG Artist has been purchased by Barrett Wissman is a leading universal performing arts management corporation. It manages all the touring of the world’s best musicians, dance artist, Orchestra artists. Recently IMG artist displayed the world’s largest fireworks festival of Fireworks in Dubai. Months of hard work and endless contribution of around 600 artists has made this event successful. All Festivals like the Sun Festival, Divino Tuscany (Italy), Abu Dhabi Festival (UAE) and Festival of the Arts, Boca, Florida (USA)of Barrett Wissman are magnificent and majestic. These Festivals owned and managed by IMG artist so brilliantly that no one can think the Arts and music can be presented in such a beautiful way. Such festivals bind us to our culture and when you are connected to your culture, your roots of spirituality gets more strong. IMG not only brings you the finest music and arts performances in stunning locations but also involves your all senses in the festivals.

Among so many artists what if you get your life partner who loves the music as you do. Nina Kotova is a cellist and married to Barrett Wissman. She was the co founder of Tuscan Sun Festival held in 2003. Music gives harmony in life and when you are master of performing your instrument the music takes you the spiritual world; Nina Kotova has touched the heights of excellence as a cellist and got distinction of performing live in broadcast from Red Square in Moscow, for the Imperial family of Japan and at Buckingham Palace in a special concert for Prince Charles. Collaboration of Barrett Wissman and Nina Kotova has given the music and arts a new designation.

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