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When it comes to the beautification of our capital it isn’t just rubbish removal in London that makes an impact but building on our green spaces is also important. This is the aim of the London in Bloom campaign, they encourage local authorities as well as an army of volunteers to work at making London a greener and more pleasant city. They are all about helping those who have a passion for making the city a more beautiful space, giving them the tools and assistance they need to achieve great things.

Key Aims

The London in Bloom campaign has many aims. Ultimately, they want to make the area of Greater London a more pleasant place to live, to give those living in the city a better quality of life. It isn’t just about rubbish removal in London, though, we at Clearabee recognise that keeping the streets clear of rubbish is incredibly important to how inhabitants feel about the area in which they live. London in Bloom goes a bit further than this, they encourage their volunteers and local authorities to really think about the biodiversity of their area and to introduce more greenery. They want to bring community gardens to the people of London, not only for the way that they improve the aesthetics of the area but for the way that working on a project really brings a community together.

How do they achieve their aims?

London in Bloom acts as an advisory service to those who take part in their campaign. They give support and guidance to those who enter their awards, ensuring that they receive positive feedback on their efforts because recognition is an extremely important tool when volunteers are working hard towards a community goal. Whether a team is performing rubbish removal in London, volunteering with children in the community or visiting offenders in prison recognition and feedback is essential in order to help them stay motivated. London in Bloom offers awards to those who take part in their campaign as a way to offer feedback and to take some pride in the work that they have achieved.

The awards

London in Bloom works really hard to judge each garden presented to them to a consistent standard. Every entry that is made receives an award based on how well they scored during judging. The awards are gold outstanding, silver gilt very good, silver good, bronze average and there is also a certificate of commendation for those gardens judged to be fair in their achievements. There are also It’s our Neighbourhood Awards that can be entered. These are free to enter and are non-competitive. Their aim is to celebrate those groups who are hands-on with their gardening and who are really making a difference in their local community. London in Bloom also has a number of special awards up for grabs. These include awards for biodiversity, community gardens, allotment sites, front gardens, floral displays, meadows and pubs. These celebrate the best efforts in these categories across the area of Greater London.


We at Clearabee love to hear about beautification efforts across London and throughout the country. We work really hard to ensure that rubbish removal in London and keeping our areas clean and aesthetically pleasing is really taken to the hearts of those in a community. We understand that when an area looks good, its inhabitants feel good. We make rubbish removal incredibly easy with our bee bags that help you gather rubbish wherever it is, rather than on the kerbside as would be needed if you opted for traditional skip hire. If you want to make your living space more beautiful, the best place to start is with rubbish removal and we can help you with that, no matter where you are in the country.

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