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How to Become a Skillful Boxer

Do you love boxing? Are you planning to become a professional boxer?  There is no easy road to become a skillful or great boxer as it requires strength, dedication, hard work, endurance and great speed to succeed. It often takes years of practice and specific skills.

Boxing is a sport that involves two people, that wears protective gloves, knocks out the opponent by throwing punches for a specific reason, and at a given amount of time in a boxing ring. “Boxing is one of the toughest sport to survive,” says David Thunder Cummings

A lot of people love the sport because it is one on one competition however, it requires the ability of an athlete and determination to turn your passion into skillful fighting. They work for hours in the gym to improve their skills as the career is tough and demanding. Besides, boxing needs knowledge, great technique, and strategies. Remember, If you want to up your boxing game as beginners, you must focus on some aspect of your life.

Read on, as   David Thunder Cummings, one of the best fighters in the United States takes you through tips to becoming a skillful boxer.

Be educated

As the going says, knowledge is power. This is the perfect time for you to learn and practice in a safe environment under the supervision of experts (pros). You learn the basis of boxing such as making weight, different fighting styles, and how to fight in front of the audience more conveniently and comfortably.  It also opens doors for learning where you lose and win without pressure and you learn and gain more experience.

Build your fitness

Fitness is an important aspect of boxing as you need balance to win any fight.” Fitness wins fight” says, David Thunder Cummings. Workout intensively, listen to your coach, and master your body. Learn every style and be comfortable with them. Practice your hint and sparring sprints without getting damaged. You can also mix it up with other techniques to give your body a break while fighting, most importantly, always strive to be ahead of your opponent. Moreso, build a good pace and intensity

Become a Nutritionist

Food and nutrition are crucial in the career of a boxer. You need to learn the nutritional value of different kinds of food and how they work to improve your body system. Don’t gain weight by starving yourself especially in one of the toughest sport in the world. Every other sport like football and soccer often have nutritionist assigned to them as part of their integral sport, but boxer doesn’t have such. Hence, it is your duty to learn how to make weight from your energy.

Take care of your tools

Your hands and entire body are your primary tools that need to be taken care of. Look after them, be protective of them, Know your limit, listen to your body, and understand your body. I understand that all athletes want to break through their fears and barriers. However, if you keep hurting yourself, you need to rest and recover. Therefore, if you feel pain in your knuckle or your ankle hurt, do something else and let it recover.

Be positive

Be positive in every situation and don’t conform to pressure. Lots of pressure will be on you before every fight but, you need to stay focus and positive to win. Always remember, it is your career not someone else.

Set your goals

Be a goal setter. “Set a goal for yourself and work towards achieving it,” says David Thunder Cumming