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Throat Cancer Hospital
By HEMA MANRAL 1,617 views

Best Throat Cancer Hospitals in India

Throat cancer is leading to become a global medical issue today. With more than 600 million of the smoking population, about 10 million are recorded to die every year. Roughly it is correct to say, 1 out of every 3 patients diagnosed with throat cancer ends up dead. The reason behind such a malignant disease is yet to uncover but certain factors acting as gas to this fire. Things like tobacco use, alcohol consumption, poor diet, infected with Human Papillomavirus(HPV), and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease(GERD) etc. increases the chances of this disease to pop up.

India being such an overpopulated nation, fosters about one-tenth of the global percentage of smokers. Hence, having a long list of throat cancer cases is inevitable. This left life of millions hanging on a thin rope. Medical institutions like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute acknowledged the issue and took the necessary steps. And now India is known worldwide to provide the best and the most cost-effective treatment. The word spread like wildfire and recently India admitted a total of 2 million throat cancer patients and only half of them were native Indians. This marks for how popular Indian hospitals have become.

The country harbors some of the best specialty hospitals like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute who dedicate their time and efforts to finding a better treatment to this old-fashioned disease. People from all over the world travel to India with a medical passport, soon after they are diagnosed. The contained expenses and treatment efficiency is the major reason for this bulk migration here.

When we talk about cost, throat Cancer Treatment in India would cost just a fraction of what the first world countries are charging. A prominent hospital like Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital would charge around 150000 INR for radiation therapy and 70000 INR for chemotherapy. A foreigner patient might pay a little higher, but practically it’s a joke compared to their country’s hospital cost. The surgical cost is even lower when one compares to US, Europe or Canada etc.

This cost deviates from state to state due to change in tax regimes. Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc. would charge higher. The quality of your treatment will also differ according to the cost. As general parameters, these will define your overall treatment expenses –

• Infrastructure of your Hospital
• The room facilities
• The type of machines and equipment quality
• The doctor and surgeon’s fees
• City of treatment
• The living cost (Rent, food, and others) and more

Along with your treatment cost, you need to evaluate the institution you choose. Surely, an institution with high-end technology and lucrative rooms seems appealing. But the foundation of your treatment would be your relationship with the doctor. You need a doctor whom you trust and nurses who support you at every level. Rajiv Gandhi cancer hospital has nailed both the aspects. Not just they have the latest equipment but hospitality among the doctors instantly spark a good relation. You need to pick an institution just like this to ensure no self-doubt, cost efficiency, and expert treatment.

Hema Manral

Hema Manral is an eminent and professional writer, now she is imparting her experience and knowledge through informative blogs and articles.