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Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free and Ever
By KAREN ANTHONY 1,598 views

Best Websites to Watch Movies Online for Free and Ever

Do you like watching movies? If you answered ‘yes’ know that you definitely aren’t the only one. Movies represent a sanctuary from reality for many people, who want to dive into a story and forget about all the troubles even for a while.

However, it can be too expensive to buy cinema tickets all the time. And with so many new and interesting movies coming out, it can be a tough choice to decide which ones to watch. So, what do you do?

Luckily, there’s a solution that’s free of charge and very efficient – watching movies online from the comfort of your own home. The Internet has a bunch of websites that offer this option. On them, you can find whole films without annoying ads and dangerous content. So,


If you are looking for a website that has a simple design that’s functional, then Putlocker is the one. Thanks to the search bar on the homepage, users get a chance to find the movies they want to watch by simply typing keywords from the title.

Also, there’s a library with all the available full-length movies sorted in categories for easier navigation.


There’s a big collection of movies and TV shows that you can watch here for free. 123Movies offers this without the need for registration. All you should do is visit it and click on the video you want to see.

As a streaming service, it contains content in various categories like genre, country, movies, and TV series in order to make it simpler to find your way around. Connected to this, you can search for films and series that you know using the search bar.


It’s no surprise that this super popular video-watching platform can be your next destination for watching free movies. You can take a break from watching movie trailers, music videos, and cat videos, and instead enjoy a flick or two.

Some of the movies that are available are old classics as well as new cult movies that fans adore. Too bad that not all movies are free. What’s more, there are some that you can rent.

Sony Crackle

The fact that this streaming service is made by Sony is enough to attract users. Nevertheless, there are truly a lot of features that can be useful to fans of movies.

For starters, Sony Crackle features movies with cast and crew you are familiar with. Usually, these are famous blockbusters that people know about. And they come in a high-quality so they can be watched on all screens.

Although a few ads appear while you are watching, they are brief and completely harmless.

Put lockers

What’s helpful about Put lockers is that it has all movies clearly shown from the moment you land on the site. They are placed into categories, depending on the genre they are in and the release date.

Moreover, there are some of the newest blockbusters and dramas like Spider-man, Bumblebee, and Mary Poppins, including some Asian dramas, as well.

So, no matter the taste, people can find a bunch of flicks there. Not to mention that they are all available for free and without the need to create an account.


Movies are added to Popcornflix all the time, which increases the library with some of the latest hits of the season. You should just decide whether you want to watch a film or an episode of your favorite show.

One of the features that many people like is the big screen for watching the videos and the ability to use it without signing up or paying anything. Once you click on your chosen video, you are enabled first to see a short summary of what the movie is about as well as the actors that are in it. This way you’ll know what to expect when you press the ‘play’ button.


Viewster allows users to stream films and shows worldwide for free. And the collection isn’t small at all. In fact, there are videos in all categories from anime and short films to more popular ones, which are added weekly or monthly. Some of them are well-known to the audience whereas the others aren’t in the mainstream.

Just have in mind that certain ads may pop up while the video is in progress but they are in no way dangerous for your device.


Something that stands out on this website is related to the categories, which are many for the vast library of movies they have there. One category is dedicated to watching free movies online. And you can spot some really interesting titles, too. The movies usually have their own pages with necessary details to help the watcher get acquainted with what they’re about to watch.

Having said that, you can browse free movies by rating such as G, PG-13 or R rating or regarding the genre they belong to like animation, Western, classics, and more.

As a downside, we can mention the ads that can pop up and the fact that not all movies are watched directly on Yidio as for some the user may be taken to another stream.


It’s known as an alternative platform for YouTube. It’s similar to it as it, too, is a hub for videos depicting all types of things; from trailers and random videos to fill your time to movies.

You should be careful to find the right channels that offer the full movies for free and enjoy.


Do you know how people who love books feel when they enter a giant library? For fans of films, that same sensation is felt when they encounter a vast library of movies online.SnagFilms as such offers more than ten thousand movie choices.

Users can look for what to watch by checking out the movies in their favorite genre, by seeing what’s newly added, what’s reviewed a lot, and what’s popular on the site.

Furthermore, users can be surprised by some thought-provoking and unexpected collections of movies and video stories.

In Conclusion

Do you watch movies online? If yes, which platforms do you use? Tell us all about that!

Karen Anthony

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.