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Woozy Viper Band
Woozy Viper Band
By MANPREET SINGH 3,117 views

A Brief to Know More About Woozy Viper

Many of us are born with the talents that help them to earn their living while some come with hidden talent. That they have found and improve as their passion or you could say hobby. Same was the case of Woozy Viper where their passion for music helps them to a renowned reputation. All across the globe. Though taking birth at the time when the people were crazy for heavy metals. And other music reforms stated by some of their fans. They were just awesome in their work that helps them to seek the attention of the crowd.

And apart begin simplistic 60s’ garage rock, their monotone recording techniques. And minimalist verse-chorus-verse structure would have been capable of selling millions of years ago. They took their audience with such sugary melodies and an endlessly sentimental tone propelling. Their punk y guitars and snare that one you can bet that they would have fallen in love. A bit of brief quoted by them is Woozy Viper is a band based in NYC with a menacing garage rock sound. The mysterious duo of brothers Luke and Mitch Meseke merge bluesy rock and roll. With mod era pop sensibilities to create a stripped down Tarantino-esque sound.

Woozy Viper
Woozy Viper

About Some Collection

Woozy Viper is brothers Luke and Mitch Meseke. Are from Kansas but now reside in New York City, wear shades in photos, and love to party.  They are releasing their 2nd LP, Rock & Roll, and it’s more of the same lo-fi party garage rock that would have been played by the cooler kids in Richie Cunningham’s class, the more natural proteges of the Fonz except they were too cool for Arnold’s Drive-in. Among their famous collections, these play some important significance “You Can’t Find Me” A, “Dinner and A Movie” B, “Dirty” B+. “Party Town U.S.A” B, “It’s Such A Drag” B+, “I Want To Strangle You” B+, “She’s Mine” B+. “Black Is The New Black” A-, “Real Good Time” A-, “Dislocated Shoulder” A and so much more are added from time to time.

Thus their creativity for music and passion help Woozy Viper to outshine all across the globe. So set a new milestone to such mystical art of music. Thereby experiencing their limit and capabilities they tried to outsource their own way of enjoyment and at the end. It’s the time when audience all around the world coming up with a huge positive response. So from this, we can that it’s never too late to reach out your hidden talent and explore the world according to your interest.

Manpreet Singh

Manpreet is enthusiastic Seo expert who love to come with latest skills and techniques for digital marketing.