Many continue to call CBD the miracle compound. This cannabinoid extracted from cannabis is said to have numerous health benefits so it should not be surprising that scientists worldwide are looking into the up and coming star of the cannabis industry. What makes CBD different from other cannabis products?

Technically speaking, CBD isn’t marijuana, hemp, or any form of cannabis. What it is, though, is a compound that’s extracted from strains of the plant. It is non-psychoactive, meaning it cannot cause a state of euphoria, unlike cannabis products which have tetrahydrocannabinol. What makes CBD truly shine is how it can change the lives of others with a single dose. Here’s who CBD can help out.

People with Anxiety And Depression

According to studies, CBD is said to have calming properties. This makes it a perfect alternative treatment for people suffering from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Not to be confused with the “high” acquired form marijuana, its calming effect relaxes people. CBD oil, in particular, is very efficient.

Epilepsy Patients

Last year, GW Pharmaceuticals launched Epidiolex. This CBD-based drug is a new treatment for epilepsy. According to research, CBD is an excellent product to use to control epileptic episodes. Epidiolex eventually got approved by the FDA. This makes it the first CBD-based drug to get approval from the agency. It is little wonder if one knows that pure CBD is officially recognized as harmless and the CBD industry is earning billions.


Athletes or people who live a healthy lifestyle can make good use of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties. Whether it’s through direct consumption or topical cream, CBD is able to relieve any body aches or issues in a matter of hours. Of course, its calming effects can also soothe the nerves of those who are going to have a competition.

In terms of legality, CBD doesn’t appear on drug tests as those for marijuana will only detect the psychoactive THC compound. However, just to be on the safe side, professional athletes should consult their local sports commission or organization regarding THC consumption.


CBD’s health benefits are not just for humans as some pet owners use it for their pets as well. Pets can get the same benefits we do from CBD. This means it can help them with issues such as stress and anxiety, chronic pain, and many more. As it is a perfect health supplement for pets, there are some manufacturers that create dog and cat treats that are infused with the miracle compound. In doing so, our furry friends are able to consume CBD without any issues.

People Suffering from Chronic Pain

Pain from conditions such as arthritis could be relieved with the help of CBD. The elderly can use CBD-infused products like creams, capsules, and oils, to help them fight through consistent chronic pain. This helps them live better lives well into their golden years.

These are just some of the groups that CBD can help out. Of course, anyone can make use of the benefits of CBD. Hopefully, there should come a time when CBD is easily accessible and is not controlled by any laws or regulations as everyone deserves the right to use it.

A Budding Industry: CBD Statistics & Trends

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