Crocheting is a profession and a full-time hobby for many people. It is an art form that requires a lot of patience and calculation, but once you understand it well, it is addictive and can take up hours every day yet you will not get tired of it. There are different grades of yarns and threads available which should be carefully chosen. If you are new to this art, choosing the right yarn which is suitable for your project and is of superior quality can be difficult. Here are some factors which you must consider while you are choosing the yarn for the work.

The weight of the yarn pile

The weight of the yarn pile or ball that you choose can tell a lot about the quality of the yarn. The heavier it is, the denser is the thread and hence more durable is a general belief. While this is true to some extent, it is not the ultimate factor that determines the quality of the yarn though it plays a major role. Consider the length of the yarn ball and the weight together when you are classifying the premium yarn based on the yarn weight. If the yarn is shorter, but the overall weight is more than average, it will give you the idea of the yarn density.

The thread count of the yarn

The thread count can be calculated by considering one inch of the yarn and the number of twists seen within the twist. The higher the number of twists, the stronger is the yarn. The durability of the yarn will determine how well the products you knit with it will fare on the long run. The quality of the yarn is high when the twists are denser, and it will last longer. If you are new to this art look for those yarn balls which have a certified tag that they have a high twist number per inch. The thread count is time-consuming but a great and authentic way of determining whether the yarn is up to the mark.

The brand

Lastly, the brand of the premium yarn should be considered when you are choosing it. Research on the various brands which are available for wools and threads and yarns a go through the reviews and opinions they have received from customers. You will get an idea about whether the yarn is the best choice for you. Every brand has different grades of products. Go for those grades which are their best sellers and do check what the other buyers have to say about its quality, ease of working with and overall durability before you buy them.

Finding high-quality yarn is easy and almost every hobby center and specialized stores for tailoring and crocheting houses the top brands of yarns available. Go for products which have a standardize price range so that you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for money possible

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