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If you are interested in taking up a medical course from a medical college in MP, there are some points you must keep in mind. A medical study is going to be rigorous, expensive and demanding. It needs a high level of commitment.

Medical Colleges in MP

MP has a culture of high-quality education and has come up with good medical colleges all over the state. Some examples are – Indore institute of medical sciences or Sri Aurobindo medical college in Indore. People’s college of medical college and research center is a reputed medical college in Bhopal. RD Gardi medical college in Ujjain and Amaltas institute of medical sciences in Dewas.

Factors to Consider while Selecting a Medical College

When you start looking for the best medical college in MP, make sure to access the college based on some of the following pointers.

  1. Ranking: Check out for the rank the college of your choice has. Look for accreditations and affiliations. This will tell you a lot about the college’s reputation.
  2. Location: Connectivity and transport are important aspects for a student to consider. Also, a college located in the city may have many facilities nearby. On the other hand, a college campus just outside the city may have better grounds and infrastructure.
  3. Infrastructure: A medical college has some specific infrastructural needs that must be met for the right atmosphere in the college.
  4. Higher Studies/PG: If your college has PG courses, it has a double benefit. Not only would that open a door for your higher studies, but provide you mentorship from seniors. Guidance from interns and PG students gives a different dimension to UG studies.
  5. State language: Try to get a seat in your state. That way language will never be a barrier in your studies.
  6. Patient footfall: If the hospital linked to the medical college is a popular one, you will be able to deal with varied patients. This would give hands-on experience.
  7. Fee structure: The annual fees and the total fee structure is a big consideration while choosing a medical college in Bhopal.
  8. Faculty: Though many people will tell you that faculty does not matter, this is what differentiates average learning experience from a highly inspired one.
  9. Bonds and obligations: Do check if the college binds you to a rural internship or anything specific. It is wise to have a clear idea of what you are getting into.
  10. Extracurricular activities: You may not get time to indulge in too many activities. Little extracurricular activities give a boost to your studies. Also, some colleges organize fests and meet. This is good for networking.

Some other facilities, such as a hostel or a library may be considered according to your need. Your course will take more than a couple of years and a lot of hard work to bring you success. Take an informed decision and choose carefully.

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