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10 Christmas Decorating Hints
By AMELIA GRANT 1,172 views

10 Christmas Decorating Hints

Some people are joking that Christmas preparations begin earlier every year. But this has one main advantage, you will be ready and calm when the holidays arrive. People who celebrate Christmas consider it one of the most beautiful holidays. It is full of coziness, joy and a good mood. 

Almost everyone decorates a Christmas tree, a fireplace and the table for this holiday. But there are places we often neglect such as the stairs or mailboxes. We gathered 10 Christmas decorating hints on how to beautify every corner of your home.

1. Porch

The porch is the first place your guests, carolers and even passers-by face when they come to your house. You can decorate your front porch in any way you like. Put a sled and some gift boxes near the front door. You can also put inflatable figures of Santa and deers. And do not forget to hang a wreath on the front door. You can use a regular green wreath or decorate it to your liking. Use silver or red spray paint to add some festivity to your wreath and place a few bare branches or spruce cones onto it.

2. Backyard

Do not concentrate on inside decorations, there are a lot of places in your home that could be decorated in a beautiful way. Your backyard is one of them. A well-decorated and cozy backyard can be used for a little party with blankets near the bonfire. You can place a Christmas tree in the center and put some toys and lights on it. But it is better to look for waterproof lights, as the weather is not always predictable.

3. Mailbox

If you have a standard mailbox, you can prepare it for the holidays. Transform your inbox into a red-green Christmas tree. Loosely drape the red ribbon around the pine garland and wrap the garland around the mailbox. Don’t forget to secure it with a flexible thin wire or fishing line. To complete the look, combine some brunches of winter berries and put them into the garland. But it is better to avoid berries that are toxic to birds and animals. You can also add some waterproof lights to emphasize the festive mood.

4. Stairs

Your banister and stairs can look amazing with a green garland and yellow lights red bows on it. You don’t need to waste much time on this decoration. Put a garland on handrails and secure it with wire or choose a decorative ribbon with wire trim. The wire ensures that the garland maintains a hard shape that will stand the holidays. Use white or warm white illuminated icicle string in order to add some sparkles and cheer. You can also place some fir branches to refresh the odor.

5. Windows

You can create an amazing look of your house by adding some Christmas decoration to your windows. Turn your bare aluminum windows into pieces of art with some winter scenes. You can draw a Christmas tree or choose some sparkling stickers in the store. Put some greenery wrapped with a bright red ribbon on the windowsill and add a few sleigh bells. You can also place some electric candles or lights to warm the look. If you choose a modern style, you can hang glitter ribbons on the ceiling. They will shimmer beautifully and flicker in the window. 

6. Doorstep

What about a festive and easy way to decorate your doorstep for the Christmas holiday? Stylishly greet guests by organizing a group of festive candlesticks and lanterns at your porch. Place the lights and sconces around your home to create a warm cozy look. Or you can buy a few sets in rich shades of gold and deep red tones to emphasize the Christmas mood. You can place large candles which would give a warm glow and wrapped presents. Think about using flameless candles and waterproof lights as an alternative to regular candles and lights.

7. Columns

Decorating the facade of the house for the holiday can’t be complete without beautiful shiny columns, wrapped with Christmas lights. But many string lights have dark wires that can distract from the nice flickering we like. But you can hide these wires with the help of garland or Christmas greenery. Simply wrap them around the column where the lights are and add some little decorations like spray-painted pinecones or glittery ornaments to finish the festive look. Secure the construction with a fishing line.

8. Trees and other facilities

This great Christmas decoration technique is a quick way to enhance your trees and other facilities with sparkles. You may have several string lights that are left after decorating the porch and backyard. So you can hang flickering white lights on trees, a fountain or stone wall in your garden to create a stunning winter focus. You can also add dome lights to an outdoor barn, pool house, and fence. Despite the fact that the street might be too cold for entertainment, you and your guests will be able to admire this soft glow through the windows.

9. Vintage

What could be better than decorating a Christmas tree with the memories of your family? You don’t need to look for new Christmas tree decorations year after year. You probably have some beloved toys and decorations that your family has made and collected throughout the years. Standart store ornaments are not able to compete with various thematic ornaments from your childhood. You need to know that it is normal to use the same decorations every year. Every unique decoration has its own story and your Christmas tree will be an excellent subject of conversation during the festive Christmas gatherings. If you still want something new, add a few DIY ornaments that will match the whole style. 

10. Scent

Satisfying a person’s sense of smell is one more way to please your family and guests during the Christmas holidays. You can use some seasonal scents for candles and aromatic decor. Pine, spruce, fir, cranberries, cinnamon, and gingerbread are just a few possible scents to emphasize the festive mood with. You can also cook some seasonal baked goods with special spices and scented oils for making Christmas dinner warmers on side tables and consoles. Place pine cones with cinnamon flavor in a bowl on a coffee table or on a mantelpiece for a light aroma.

Amelia Grant

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