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CA final exam

How to Clear CA Final Exam on the First Attempt? 6 Tips

The CA Final exam is the last and final phase for the CA aspirants to realize their dream of being a CA. CA aspirants know that the last level is very challenging and needs the toughest preparation to clear the exams and achieve an All India Rank. Here, you must study the extensive curriculum and challenging subjects.

Since the CA Final course is extensive and has tough subjects, students must begin their study on Day 1 if they wish to complete the CA Final examinations with flying colors. Additionally, there are eight subjects, encompassing theory and practical subjects, and remembering essential amendments, laws, etc.

In this post, we will provide tips for the final exam by VSI Jaipur. VSI Jaipur’s preparatory strategies are very successful. Students have followed them for years since, and they have assisted them in getting the best CA Final results on the first try and getting a rank. In the last ten years, seven VSI students have earned AIR 1 by following these tips. Let’s check them. 

6 Tips to Clear the CA Final Exam on the First Attempt

So here are some of the most effective tips to clear all the CA Final papers on the first attempt:

1. Avoid Too Many Books and Focus on ICAI Study Material

As students prepare for their CA Final exams, they often invest significant money in books. Yes, reference books can help you prepare. Even so, several books will keep you in the dark and need clarification about where to start. Additionally, since top authors and CA professionals have written these books, the book language may be difficult to comprehend, and students start to lose confidence while preparing.

Yet, the CA Final Study Material by ICAI can significantly help. As we know, the ICAI provides study modules, RTPs, MTPs, sample questions from past years, and other resources. These study tools may provide a reference for what to anticipate from the CA Final question papers, how to draft the answers, what questions are likely to be asked, the CA Final exam pattern and more.

2. Practice Manual should be on your Tip

Since ICAI conducts all CA examinations, the structure of the CA Final papers is often based on that of the practice guides. Students generally ignore the ICAI practice manual and couldn’t understand the paper pattern and marking scheme. Hence, consider the practice manual during CA final exam preparation.

3. Set & Study Topics as per their Difficulty and Weightage

It is tough to decide what to learn and skip for the CA Final examinations since everything is important, and you can expect questions from anywhere during your CA Final papers. Yet, completing the entire course is challenging. Therefore, you must create a list of the most important topics for each CA Final Subject and focus on them. You can do this by emphasizing topics with heavy weightage since these portions will help you score more. 

Also, give sufficient time to difficult chapters, yet stick to them only for part of the day.

4. Prepare your Handwritten Notes

Preparing your handwritten notes is the next important part of CA Final exam preparation. These notes will be helpful around exam time since the best method to prepare for exams is by reviewing handwritten notes. During the examination, it is challenging to revise the entire course. Hence these study notes will be of great help. Furthermore, taking notes will help you grasp the topic more deeply, memorize the concept better, and put you in the habit of writing.

5. Keep Yourself up to date with Recent Amendments in Laws and Taxes

ICAI expects students to remain updated with recent amendments in laws and taxes amendments since they are a crucial part of their profession. Therefore, VSI advises all students to keep eye on the latest amendments. Hence, if students wish to pass the CA Final exam on their first try, they must remain current on legislation such as corporation law, DT, and others. When you fail to include the amendments asked, these negatively impact the examiner. 

6. Focus on Revisions & Solving Papers in the Last 6 Months

Numerous individuals fail the CA examination because they lack confidence and experience examination stress. However, bright performers realize that at least three revisions and solving numerous practice papers can be of great help during the last six months. 

Moreover, you need more than just study to get results. It is important to assess yourself, your retention capability, your writing skills, and your time management. Hence, your CA Final exam study plan must involve solving numerous mock test papers. These mock examinations may identify students’ writing and time management shortcomings. Accordingly, students can rectify themselves. 


These six tips by VSI Jaipur will help you clear your CA Final exam on the first attempt. Enrolling in a CA Final Coaching will help you complete the syllabus on time so that you have ample time to revise the concepts. With VSI Jaipur, ace the CA Final exams.