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We live in the age of the internet where information is the order of the day. Many content writers are competing for the same audience and for you to stand out amidst the noise, then your content must be worth it. It must be original, providing value to readers, and be convincing enough for call-to-actions. When your content is loved, it will command likes, comments, and shares and even rank high on search engines. I must tell you, crafting good content might not be an easy feat but not impossible. Simple strategies and tips for content writers can make a huge difference in ‘wow’ or ‘blah’ content. 

But before getting down to the tips, the first thing you need to consider is the readers. What exactly do your readers find amazing? You want something your readers will be connected with. They want it personal yet engaging. They want to have an impression that the content is written solely for them and it will provide value to them. While making quality content, SEO, length, and any other factors a priority, never forget the sole purpose of the content in the first place- the readers. 

Writing is my passion. I, Samuel Nathan Kahn love it and that is what has made me into who I  am today. However, I didn’t just get to become a good writer in a day.

Yes, I have committed errors, I have made mistakes and it hasn’t always been that good. But I can definitely stand confident in the progress I have made over the years. That is why I’m all in for anyone who wants to get into content writing but doesn’t know how to start. Or those that have already get started but still need some useful tips to be the best. 

Hence, here are my four powerful tips for content writers that can make you better at writing content. 

Understand the subject matter

The first thing is to choose the topic you want to write about and it’s definitely one you know very well. You don’t want to write something you know nothing about or aren’t interested in. It will reflect in your writing. Even if you don’t understand much about it, you can still get down to learning. But then, not knowing about a topic and it’s not something you really have interest in might be a tough one to tackle. 

Conduct adequate research

Research is another critical aspect of writing. Of course, if you are writing about your life story you might not need to conduct research. But if you are looking into informative content, you might need to see what other experts have written about it. Get your facts and statistics right and while at it don’t spend too much time in research to the detriment of your drafting. 

Write engaging content

While many just approach their contents haphazardly without much thought of the flow of the article. It is important to have a format put in place to shape the stream of thought. One thing I always recommend is to start with the introduction and keep it short and sweet. Make the headings concise and simple as well. Instead of long sentences, use short ones to make them easy to read and understand. Make sure you cut out all unnecessary words, it can make the whole thing boring for readers. Moreover, use images, info-graphics, and videos where necessary to make it more engaging and follow through with the conclusion. 


Now, that you are done with the writing, it’s time for proofreading. Correct any typographical or grammatical mistakes and read and re-read again for any other errors. You want to write an error-free article that the readers will love. 

For more on writing tips, check out my page on Sam Kahn. There are some other tips and information to get you going. 

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Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn
Samuel Nathan Kahn is a well known writer, publisher in UK working in the field for 7 years. He had worked so well in the field and earned a lot of followers.

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