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The idea of being able to meet and hook up with gorgeous cougars from the comfort of your own home might sound too good to be true, but it can actually be a wonderful reality. 

If you’re a busy man or just someone who values their time, cougar dating websites are a godsend.   

However, it’s important to choose the best cougar dating website to use. 

Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of time with no hookups to show for it. Worse yet, you could lose a lot of money, especially if you fall into the traps of a scam website.

The problem is: it’s not easy to know how to choose the best cougar dating website. 

A lot of men will do nothing but partake in a simple Google search, click one of the first results, enter their credit card details and hope for the best.

Then, after a few weeks without any dates, they come to the conclusion that “online dating doesn’t work.” In the guide below, we present a more intelligent online dating strategy for meeting sexy older women. 

We begin with six tips to help you consider the best cougar dating website for your needs. Then we’ll offer some pointers to help you start your online dating experience on the right foot. 

6 Steps To Choosing The Best Cougar Dating Website

By following these six steps, you’ll be sure to find the best cougar dating service for your particular needs.  

1. Avoid the scams

For whatever reason, the niche of cougar dating websites is particularly rife with scams. 

These could be websites that charge a subscription fee but don’t offer anywhere near as many active users as advertised. It could also be that their user base is polluted with bots, cam girls or catfish operating romance scams. Indeed, many free websites are littered with these individuals because the barrier to entry is minimal.

Either way, it’s important to know how to spot these websites so you can avoid them. Here are some giveaway signs.

  • An old-looking website. If it doesn’t look like it’s been updated since the early 2000s, there’s a good chance its user base hasn’t either. 
  • Photos of unrealistically beautiful women on its home page. 
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes on its website. 
  • Asks for credit card details without offering a free preview of the service.  
  • No legitimate positive reviews from users.

2. Don’t forget to ask the experts 

There are plenty of reputable blogs that provide detailed reviews of online dating websites. These reviews tend to be based on extensive testing from experienced online daters.

It’s therefore highly recommended that you take a snoop around these blogs to discover what the experts rate as the best cougar dating websites.  

These blogs tend to call out the scam websites too, so you can use them to double-check that you haven’t signed up to a crooked online dating service. 

3. Age ranges

Some online dating services tend to be reasonably loose with their definition of “cougar.” There are some “cougar” websites that allow women aged 35 or older to create an account. Others may have stricter age limits, perhaps only allowing women older than 40 or 50 to register.

You should consider the age range of the women you want to meet online, then check the typical age range of a cougar website before signing up for it. 

4. Smartphone vs Desktop

Would you prefer to swipe away on your smartphone screen to find a date, perhaps while you’re on-the-go or waiting in a queue? 

This is something worth considering, as a lot of cougar dating websites cater exclusively to older users who are unlikely to be familiar with the latest technological trends. This means no accompanying smartphone app.

Sure, there are a lot of desktop-only websites that can be accessed via smartphone, but they don’t work as fluidly.

5. Paid vs. free websites

There is a famous saying that “you get what you pay for” and this tends to be the case for cougar dating websites. 

The ability to meet a hot older woman online for free might sound appealing. But the ease of access typically makes it harder to find the genuinely gorgeous female users. 

It’s easier for scammers, cam girls and catfish to exploit free websites. You’ll also come across a lot of time-wasters or inactive accounts.

Meanwhile, paid websites are more likely to be populated by women who are taking online dating seriously and want to meet a good man as quickly as possible.   

6. Consider niche dating websites

Cougar dating apps are a niche within the online dating industry because they only allow older women to register. If you’re only interested in dating older women, the websites in this niche are your best bet. 

However, if there’s another demographic that you’re also exclusively interested in dating, you may want to search for an online dating service that serves this niche, then only messages the older female members. 

There are many niche dating websites, which will only serve up women of a particular race, religion or community.

In this day and age, there is probably an online dating website that serves your tastes, regardless of how specific they are. There are a lot of weird niche websites out there. Want to date a cougar who loves travel, wears a uniform or dresses like a clown? The internet makes it easy to find them…      

Your Cougar Dating Website Strategy

Now you know how to find the best cougar dating website for your specific needs, we suggest you go ahead and register for all of the suitable free websites–and a small selection of paid websites too. 

From there, spend a bit of time messaging women on each service, and take note of how much success each website provides. After a month or so, you should gain a solid idea of which website works best for you. You might then choose to focus all your online dating efforts on that one platform.  

Best of luck!

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