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high blood pressure
By LESA THOMAS 2,193 views


High blood pressure (hypertension) is a common but serious disease that is caused when there is an increase in pressure on the arterial walls. People suffering from high blood pressure can experience serious health problems like heart attack, cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, etc. On being diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctor will prescribe some medications to keep blood pressure under control. To efficiently control hypertension, it is important to exercise and eat healthier along with taking the prescribed medications. Those who don’t eat a proper and healthy diet are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure.

For high blood pressure patients a healthy diet is essential because the diet should be rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins, potassium and magnesium. Those who have high blood pressure should eat lots of fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grain cereal, and some many other healthy foods. Keeping away some unhealthy foods is as important as eating these healthier ones. Many high blood pressure patients go on to face some serious health issue because they fail to have control over their healthy diets.

Listed below are some foods that high blood pressure patients should avoid.


High blood pressure patients should restrict the intake of salt in their food. Having too much salt in foods will not only improve the chances of high blood pressure, but it can also cause harm to the heart and bloodstream. A high blood pressure patient should not eat too much salt on any given day.


Foods that contain saturated fat should be totally kept away from high blood pressure patients. If the problem is not too serious, then the doctor might advise the patient to just limit the use of fat. Consuming foods that are rich in fat is bound to cause fatness, which in turn leads to the problem of blood pressure. Hence, it is best for your overall health to avoid foods that are oily and contain fatty acids. Consuming foods that are cooked in non-natural oils should be strictly avoided.

Red Meat

Red meat is another food that the patient suffering from high blood pressure should avoid. This is because various meats usually contain toxic chemicals and substances that are consumed by the animal. Instead of various meats, high blood pressure patient is suggested to have reasonable proportions of white meat with lots of fruits and vegetables.


Like fatty foods, those that contain greater amounts of sugar can also lead to fatness. Being overweight or fat will put extra pressure on the heart, thus casing poor blood circulation. Hence, people affected by high blood pressure are often advised to avoid sugary foods and sugar.

Processed Food

Avoiding processed foods is also important. Because of today’s busy lifestyle, increasingly, many people have started to opt for processed foods. These foods lack necessary nutrients and most of them are rich in salt and fat. Avoiding processed food will not only help to keep blood pressure balance, but also decrease several serious health issues.


Drinking alcohol or alcoholic beverages can also lead to an increase in high blood pressure levels. This is because too much alcohol consumption can harm the artery walls, thereby leading to some serious health problems. Patients with less gentle cases of blood pressure might be allowed to drink alcohol or alcoholic beverages or in moderation. See more about, Major side effects of Alcohol Consumption.

Lesa Thomas

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