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Independent filmmakers produce a film outside of the film studio system. These films are distinguishable by content, style and the way in which the director’s creative vision is understood says, Richard Rionda Del Castro.

Making a picture without a huge budget create definite defies, especially for individuals who work independently. Independent filmmaking needs having knowledge of screenwriting, producing, editing, directing, marketing and distributing a film.

Here are some filmmaking guidelines for the independent filmmakers:

• Where do you find the resources?

While shooting a film, you have to do a lot of borrowing. You have to look for editing equipment, camera and other things. If you do not have enough money to buy the equipment, find individuals who have what you need. And ask them to rent out the equipment to you.

• How to pick up a location

When it comes to select a location, apply the same technique as above i.e. borrow. However, first, you have to check that if your living area is good for the shoot or not. Do not you have the location that will work? Not to worry! An independent filmmaker should ask neighbours or friends. If they also don’t have, start looking in the surrounding areas.

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Once you end up with finding and don’t know an individual who owns it, ask him/her for permission to use the site.

If you require a soundstage, you can ask the local melody venue or performing arts theatre. These places are good as they come with necessary equipment too. But you have to borrow the equipment as well in order to use them.

• How to divide up the crew

A film producer has to do everything. Actually, on the shoot, you may only have a few people who exactly know what is going on. Other people are actors. Hence, you need to be aware of what everything happening on the set suggest Richard. You can consider Richard Rionda Del Castro biography in order to know more about the professional.

Richard Rionda advice independent filmmakers that they need to be a cameraman, lightening engineer and director as well. Therefore, you should build up your crafts in every aspect of the art.

• How to find actors

You can ask your friends or relatives for the referral. Here, you need not worry about the acting ability. Teach the actors on the spot.

 How to find actors

Ask them to go through the script over and over again, if they are not able to act out a certain part.

• How much it cost to produce a short video

The cost depends on what you kind of video you want to produce. It is advisable to figure out what you have and also look for what you need. You should use all that you have.

According to Richard Rionda Del Castro, filmmaker’s expenditures should not go over 50 dollars while making a video of 5 to 10 minutes.

• Where you can show your film

Once you are done with making a film, you want individuals to see it. There are a lot of ways to show your movie. For instance, show the movie to some friends and ask them to spread the word about it. Moreover, the Internet is another way to get your name out. You can start with platforms like

Richard Rionda Del Castro – the founder of Hannibal pictures has given the above filmmaking tips for independent filmmakers.

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Richard Rionda Del Castro
Richard Rionda Del Castro
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