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David Thunder Cummings

Tired of your Fitness Routine: Here are 5 ways to Spice it Up

Let’s face it: working out sometimes can be boring and turn into a chore. Before, you are all up and doing, eagerly waiting to jump on the treadmill. Today, you aren’t just having it and it’s simply hard to feel any excitement in this thing called “workout”. Here, we ask expert, David Thunder Cummings, a renowned fighter, fitness freak having his own trained team of Thunder Muay Thai and MMA why many even the biggest fitness bluff can get tired of workouts and tips to overcome it.

“Sometimes in life, people tend to feel bored about everything, even things that do interest them. We get up to do the same thing every day and the exercise becomes a routine and gets stale.  The thing is it becomes our comfort zone and it never sparks the imagination, ignites creativity, and stroke productivity.” David Thunder Cummings says. “Coupled with this is the fact that the pandemic has taken its toll on many. The gym closures, working from home, navigating family life, and home workout routines. All of these can make many to lose passion for workout and achieve their goals for the year. “David Thunder adds.

Today. Let’s keep things new, different, and exciting. If you are losing interest in your workout routine, David Thunder Cummings shares effective ways to spice things up and breathe new life into your workout to make it more exciting.

Mixed up your training

Doing the same routine over and over again is an invitation to boredom. Some are so much hooked up on strength training every day without even given the muscles a break to rest and recover. This can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, irritability, injury causing you to go from muscle building to muscle breakdown. “One of the best ways to beat boredom is to mix up your workout routine. Alternate strength training days and mix it up with a workout schedule that carries different intensities, different activities, and session lengths,” David Thunder Cummings advises.

Know when and how to breathe

“Breathe”, trainers like to remind us of this as if you have not been doing the same thing all your life. Why is it that when it comes to running, doing a HIIT workout, planking, or any other workout, we always forget to breathe especially while cranking up your favorite tunes? As we workout, our muscle needs oxygen to perform at its full potential. During strength training or when you lift the weight, exhale during the most difficult part and inhale as you are lowering.

Try something different

To prevent monotony, you can as well try a new class from the one you normally do. This can be trying a monthly dance class, signing up for a Zumba class, taking a new virtual yoga lesson, or anything that is different from your normal workout routine. You can also alter the order of your workout routine and run it backward for a change. Start with the session that is normally the last and end with the one that is always the first. Doing so can result in a more enjoyable workout and shock your muscles into growing.

Breathe in new scenery

When things get boring, sometimes, a change might be what you need. If you have been working out alone, get social, and try working out with friends. If you are not feeling it in your gym, try a livelier, fun-to-be gym. Ditch the air-conditioned gym sometimes, for a run outdoors. Sometimes, your body might simply need rest, and being bored might be a way of telling you “slow down, I need a break.”