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By LISA SMITH 758 views

Flamescans – Where Did They Disappear To?

Have you ever wondered what happened to Flamescans? This group used to bring manga and manhwa to fans all over, but then they just disappeared. No one really knows why. Let’s explore the story of Flamescans, how they started, why they might have stopped, and all the rumors that people still talk about online.

What is Flamescans?

Flamescans was a manga scanlation group that provided translations of manga and manhwa for readers to enjoy online. Unfortunately, it faced some challenges and is no longer operational. Here’s what happened:

Origin and Purpose

  • Flamescans aimed to bring manga and manhwa to a global audience by translating them into English.
  • They held themselves to high standards, ensuring quality translations and thorough cleaning of sound effects.
  • Their work often surpassed official translations in consistency and accuracy.


  • Flamescans encountered legal issues. Webtoons (a popular platform) issued a subpoena to Cloudflare, seeking personal information about 367 manga websites using their services.
  • The group’s real owners, who had shared personal information, faced significant trouble.
  • Larger scanlation groups remained unaffected, but Flamescans had to shut down.

What is the Scanlation Group?

A scanlation group is a community of passionate volunteers who collaborate to translate and share manga (Japanese comics) and manhwa (Korean comics) that have not been officially licensed for release in a particular language or region. These groups operate online, working together to make translated comics available for online reading or download. Scanlation involves three main steps:

  1. Scanning: The group obtains the original manga or manhwa and scans it to create digital images.
  2. Translation: Volunteers translate the text from the original language (usually Japanese or Korean) into another language (often English).
  3. Editing: The translated text is then typeset onto the scanned images, creating readable pages that can be shared with readers.

Scanlation groups play a crucial role in making manga and manhwa accessible to global audiences, even before official translations are available.

However, it’s essential to note that scanlations are typically done without express permission from the copyright holders, which can be a controversial aspect of this community.

Reasons for Flamescans Shut Down

Flamescans, the manga scanlation group, had to shut down for a couple of reasons:

Legal Challenges:

  • Flamescans operated in a gray area legally. Scanlation groups like theirs translate manga and manhwa without official licenses.
  • Publishers sometimes issue cease-and-desist letters or take legal action against such groups. Flamescans might have faced similar pressures.

Real-Life Factors:

  • The volunteers behind Flamescans juggled their passion for scanlation with real-life responsibilities like work, studies, and health.
  • After 4-5 years, they decided it was time for a new chapter in their lives. They stepped down from active roles but still consulted for Flamescans.

Flamescans – Discord Server

Flamescans has an official Discord server where they communicate with their community. Recently, they announced their return and rebranding process on the server. The group will now be known as Flamecomics.

The founders, Sx and Aiko, have stepped down from their active roles but will continue to act as consultants for the project. The new site is undergoing maintenance, and there’s no specific release date yet.

Alternatives to Flamescans

If you’re looking for alternatives to Flamescans, here are some options where you can read manga and manhwa online:

  • org: Mangadex is a popular platform where you can find a wide range of manga and get access to comics. It’s a great replacement for Flamescans.
  • Asura Scans: Asura Scans offers quality translations for various manhwa series. You’ll find a diverse selection of titles here.
  • Reaper Scans: Reaper Scans is another scanlation group that provides translations for manhwa. Check out their site for ongoing projects.
  • Leviatan Scans: Leviatan Scans is known for its clean layout and quality translations. They work on various manhwa titles.
  • Void Scans: Void Scans is a reliable group that translates manhwa. Explore their site for interesting series.
  • Cosmic Scans: Cosmic Scans, although recently hit, have been active. Keep an eye on their updates.
  • Manhuaplus: Manhuaplus offers a collection of manhua and manhwa. You might find some hidden gems here.
  • Luminious Scans: Luminious Scans is similar to Flamescans in layout and updates. They work on various manhwa titles.
  • Immortalupdates: Immortalupdates is worth checking out for ongoing manhwa translations.
  • Zero Scans: Zero Scans is another group that provides translations for Manhwa series.
  • Reset Scans: Reset Scans might have some interesting titles for you.
  • Mm-scans: Mm-scans is an option if you’re looking for more manhwa.
  • Rizzcomic: Rizzcomic is a site to explore manhwa and manhua.
  • Manhwafreak: Manhwafreak offers a variety of manhwa titles.
  • Mangacultivator: Mangacultivator is an aggregator site where you can find manhwa and manhua.

If you can’t find a specific manhua or manhwa on these sites, you can also try aggregator platforms like Read, mangakakalot, and mangatx

Bottom Line

Flamescans, once a vibrant scanlation group, vanished mysteriously. Legal challenges and real-life factors led to their closure. While the conspiracy theories are entertaining, the truth remains elusive.

Lisa Smith

Lisa Smith is an accomplished content writer with a passion for crafting compelling narratives and engaging readers across various platforms. With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, Lisa has established herself a

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