Get Arrested

You should keep calm and quiet. Stay on your best behavior. Do not beg, cry, plead, scream, abuse, or reckoning with the arresting officer as it will change his mind and maybe he didn’t arrest you for DWI Austin Texas.

Never ask the police officer to drive you residence, allow you to walk to the house, or let you call somebody to pick you up suggests Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. Actually, your words can be used in court later to suggest only a drunken person would make these requests because you aren’t refusing the allegation of being intoxicated. In fact, if the policeman believes he has apparent cause to arrest you, you are definitely going to prison, period.

Remember only answer identifying queries such as address, driver’s license, etc. Also, do not agree to submit to a breath or blood sample if you have not taken any alcohol or drugs and you know you will get a clean report. Maybe this results in driver’s license suspension for a long period but it is always best not to give the State with proof against you.

Remember that you are on Camera

The best way to fight your case is to go to trial. The judges will see the video and decision will be on the basis of video evidence. The criminal defense lawyer will also watch the video of your arrest before making a plea offer. They will definitely see it earlier than picking a judge. So make sure not to react in an inappropriate manner.

No matter what the police officer tells you, you are probably to be in prison for at least 10 to 12 hours or more before your discharge. Also, many officers say arrestees, you will not see the jury instantly emphasis Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. Just like any other large legislative organization, all at the Travis County prison tends to move at a hostile speed.

And your case is usually handled in the order your arrest was made, as in, first come first served. When you go into the holding cell and see other individuals that were in prison before you, expect a comprehensive wait before you are free.

Wrapping Up

Drunk driving is severe criminal wrongdoing in Texas. You may lose your driving license. The costs and consequences of a conviction are severe. Even a first-time offense will give you a criminal record that leftovers for the rest of your life.

So, if you are facing driving while drunken accuse its extremely important that you hire Bobby Salehi Houston Tx for legal representation of your case. Contact Bobby for a free consultation immediately.

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