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How to get Jobs in Canada From UAE?

Royal Migration Solutions – For the past decade, Canada has become a home for skilled and professional workers seeking well-paid job opportunities, vast experience and a brighter career abroad. Good quality of life, low crime rate, excellent job opportunities and the most interesting of all, Permanent Residency Status, these and many more are reasons while Dubai is ranking the top on job-seekers lists. However, good things don’t always come easy. If you are planning to get a job in Canada, there are things and processes t go through. Royal Migration Solutions, a most preferred immigration consultant in Dubai, UAE, brings to you the best ways to get land a good jobs in Canada from UAE. 

How to Apply for Jobs in Canada from the UAE

There are several options for securing a job while in the UAE. Royal Migration Dubai has compiled these options and tips based on experience, industry knowledge, and positive feedbacks from clients to walk you through the process of securing jobs in Canada.  

Get a Permanent Residence Permit

Most Canadian companies expect you to have a permanent resident(PR) or work permit before applying for jobs.  PR status is like an open door to legal rights and countless opportunities including jobs. Therefore, getting a permanent residence is a sure bet to landing a lucrative job. How can you get a Canadian PR? Although Canada offers more than 60 programs for permanent residency, the Express Entry Program is proven to be one of the easiest and popular ways to get a Canadian PR. Candidates who migrate to Canada from Dubai using the express entry program are always the first choice as they must have met not only both skills and educational criteria but are also medically and physically fit. Moreover, employers do not have to go through the hassle of securing a work permit or pass through LMIA formalities. Hence, a permanent resident is the key to numerous job opportunities in Canada

Learn how to Network

One thing is if you don’t put yourself out there and search for a job, jobs aren’t going to come to find you in the comfort of your home. Networking provides an insight into the current job scenario, what jobs are the “hottest” or trending and vital contacts to land the right job.  Do you have a relative or friend in Canada who could be of help to secure a job? Do you have references from a previous employer? This can be one of the easiest ways of getting a job but comes with a lot of limitations. If your future employer can get a positive LMAI requirement, you are on the right footings, if not, luck might run out on you. 

Make use of Social Media Platforms

A professional networking social platform such as LinkedIn is also another tool to add to your belt. Recruiters and companies are leveraging this medium to search for eligible candidates to occupy positions. If you don’t have one, create a Linkedin account and follow businesses and organizations relevant to your field. This will keep you abreast of various job openings. Plus, your  LinkedIn account might serve as an assessment tool as organizations sometimes make use of it in the job application process.  

Explore Job Sites

There are various job sites that are available in Canada that candidates can make use of.  Examples include monster.ca, ca.indeed.com, canadajobs.com, and the list goes on. These sites allow you to apply to various job openings posted by companies and submit your resumes. 

Contact Canadian Job Consultancies

Employers’ reliance on job consultants to recruits candidates and talents all over the world, make this option an effective means of getting jobs in Canada. Contact the ones who deal with international recruitment and are relevant to your field. If you already have a PR, the process will be made easier. However, there are certified ones that can ensure you get a job with a work permit. 

Speak Directly with your Employers

Why not take the bold step and speak directly with companies either through cold-calling or cold emails. Your future employer might appreciate your boldness and might not care that you are applying from UAE. 

These tips coupled with diligence and aggressive efforts will help you to get a job offer and migrate to Canada from Dubai for a promising future. For permanent residence or any other visa types inquiries or support,  Royal Migration Dubai is here to help!

Royal Migration Dubai

Royal Migration Solutions is a Dubai based immigration services company specializing in all kinds of visas including Visitor Visas and many more.