Gourmet burgers

Have you ever visit a gourmet burger restaurant. You might be wondering what makes them different from the burger at normal fast food chain. Often people think that they are paying more for nothing.

However, the better ingredients you use, the better will be the taste of the burger. This is one of the reasons why Oren Loni gourmet burger is always going to be better than others. Do you want more than the traditional beef burger? If yes, then you are at right place!


Following are some delicious gourmet burgers that you should try:

  • Turkey:

This gourmet burger is the best choice for people who do not eat red meat. You should experience turkey burger with astonishing additions once in your life. And this is the guarantee that you will prefer it over others. You can order turkey burger with toppings like pineapple. Furthermore, adding spicy mayo will make it tastier.

  • Merguez:

It is a lamb or beef based sausage that is red in color and seasoned with spices like garlic, chili pepper, cumin and more. In fact, this is one of the most flavorful burger individuals can find. Hence, if you want a little kick in your burger or to add little more spice, then merguez can be a satisfying meal for you. Try Oren Loni franchise merguez patty with sauce or mayo in order to complement the spices.

  • Salmon:

Do not you eat red meat or want to taste something different? If so, then salmon burger is something new in gourmet burger types that you will definitely love. The enjoyable flavor of this fish mixed with the sauce such as spicy mayo produce the perfect fusion of flavor. Moreover, you can also add on gourmet toppings like pineapple, grilled tomato, and avocado for the tasty gourmet masterpiece.

  • Lamb:

The lamb burger is on the list of the delicious burger. In fact, nothing can beat adding lamb to patty when it comes to versatility. Also, you can keep this humble burger simple, flavored with fragrant spices as well as fresh herbs. You should try topping it with yogurt and a drop of beetroot relish for more gourmet treat.

  • Vegetarian Burger:

Do not think this Oren Loni Burgerim franchise burger is just for vegetarians. This is one of the tastiest burgers which is packed with flavorful grains, herbs, spice, and legumes. Teaming up this burger with salad and a tangy relish make it more delicious. You can also spice up your vegetarian burger with mayo and combination of vegetarian toppings like cooked mushrooms and grilled tomato.

  • Chicken Burger:

A bright flavor burger that is easy to pack along with herbs and creamy avocado. This burger makes a perfect cohort of spicy flavors. Adding unusual toppings like the mushroom or sunny side up egg will add perfect complement in flavor.

Wrapping Up

These are some types of gourmet burger that you can avail at Oren Loni franchise restaurant. The menu at Burgerim franchise offers a variety of gourmet burger along with different choices to outfit them. You can select from the duo, trio, or 16 pack of gourmet burgers and enjoy them with additional toppings and savory sauces.

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