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Sometimes it’s hard to increase your sales properly when you’re setting up your grocery store produce. In order to maximize your sales, there is actually a lot of research, from this website, that needs to go into putting your product displays in order to make sure that the customer gets their eye on the product you’re trying to sell. Using things like shapes, colors, bold displays, and even just creative methods (fancy baskets, bags, and more), along with how you actually place the items in the order can all affect your sales. In this grocery store produce displays guide, we’re going to give you some tips to help you get things done right.

How to Arrange

You don’t want things that shouldn’t go together on your display. Putting items like leafy greens next to things like avocados and tomatoes as they age can be a bad placement because it can cause the greens to spoil easier. Not only this, you don’t want to place items in the wrong section either.

Most people associate things like tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, etc. with salads. Since tomatoes should have a clearance of a few feet from your greens, you want them close enough that they are in view, but you don’t want them close enough to each other that it could harm the other vegetables. Other things like apples and oranges go pretty well together, so you’ll often see them displayed properly in grocery markets next to one another, and then the oranges next to other citrus vegetables.


You want to stylize a theme of color in order to get the most out of your sales. These themes can be of certain types of vegetables or meats, or they can be of how they are often prepared. For example, placing things like bell peppers near next to jalapeños. You also want any foreign common vegetables in other areas.

Think of ethnic vegetables and fruits. You may want them next to each other. The same goes for meats. You want your meats to be by the product type, and know how to arrange them properly for display. Keep the pork products with pork, chicken with the other chicken cuts, and beef together as well. You may want to put all ground meats in one section, while all cuts of meat (steaks, flanks, etc.) in other areas.

The Importance of End Caps

End Caps are a great way to display products that are dry or won’t go bad/spoil. Especially in your grocery section. You can even use end-freezer displays or stock coolers to neatly display meat products at a slight angle so customers can see the meat as they walk by, or are getting ready to go down an aisle for barbecue sauce.


When it comes to grocery store displays, shelving plays an important role as well. But most importantly, how you display your products is actually the most important thing. Not only that but keeping them steady and not changing them all the time is also important. Many people get accustomed to how you have your grocery display after just a few times. So don’t change it around often or that can cause your customers confusion.

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