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Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham
By AZURA EVERHART 1,056 views

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham Tie the Knot in a Western-Themed Wedding

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham, co-stars on Yellowstone, have officially married! The couple, who play on-screen love interests Laramie and Walker in the hit TV show, married in an opulent Western-themed ceremony at Harrison’s family property in Texas12. The gathering was very amazing, with a distinct sense of love and energy permeating the air.

A Match Made on the Ranch

Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison met on the set of the popular Paramount Network show Yellowstone in 2020. Bingham, a seasoned musician who joined the group in season three, plays the rough cowboy Walker. Harrison, who became a series regular in the same season, portrays Laramie, a determined rodeo cowgirl. Their on-screen romance immediately gained a devoted fan base, with viewers rooting for the characters’ relationship.

While details regarding their real-life relationship remain confidential, it’s evident that their on-screen connection carried over off-screen. In May 2023, the pair made their red carpet debut at the CMT Music Awards, announcing their relationship to the world.

A Fairytale Wedding

Harrison referred to the wedding as “something out of a fairytale.” The emotional high point came when the pair exchanged meaningful, handwritten vows in front of close relatives and friends. Harrison found it very meaningful since she not only committed her love to Ryan, but also declared her dedication to his children, whom she considers her own. According to her, “It was a particularly special moment for me, as I got to express to them just how much they mean to me and what an honor it has been to become a bonus mom to them.”

How It All Began

The couple’s true love story began when they met by chance at a charity event in Dallas during a production break, thanks to a mutual acquaintance. Their bond got deeper when they found out how many Texas friends and acquaintances they shared. Harrison’s mother had a critical part in bringing them together by persuading Ryan to phone Hassie. And the rest, as they say, is history.”

A Double Proposal

A Double Proposal

Ryan Bingham proposed not just once, but twice! The first proposal took place during a quiet evening at their house. He asked Hassie to marry him, nervous but determined, and her first reaction was an enthusiastic “yes.” Later, after requesting her father’s permission, Ryan proposed again—this time with a ring in hand—during a supper that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of their love.

Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment of Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham’s wedding was probably the exchanging of their passionate, handwritten vows. Standing in front of close family and friends, they swore to love one another, creating a beautiful and emotional moment that would last a lifetime. For Hassie, it was very meaningful since she not only demonstrated her love for Ryan but also for his children, whom she considers her own. It was a lovely and real moment that caught the spirit of their love beyond the screen.

A Love Beyond the Screen

While their characters on Yellowstone have a heated on-screen relationship, Hassie and Ryan’s real-life love story is just as compelling. Their wedding ceremony demonstrated their real connection and the amazing relationship they’ve formed together.

As fans wait for the final season of Yellowstone, they can finally celebrate the real-life union of two popular performers. Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham’s love story demonstrates that fairytales may come true, even in the rough world of cowboys and ranchers.

The Significance for Yellowstone Fans

Hassie and Ryan Yellowstone

For Yellowstone fans, the wedding was very meaningful. Witnessing the on-screen romance transform into real-life bliss gave me a sense of delight and fulfillment. Social media was filled with well wishes for the pair, and many fans expressed their delight that the enchantment of Yellowstone had spread beyond the screen.

The wedding also demonstrated the show’s capacity to promote a feeling of community. The reported attendance of cast members highlighted the deep ties developed on set, adding to the show’s appeal to viewers.

A Look Ahead: A Future Filled with Love and Creativity

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham have started a new chapter in their life, with the stunning background of their Western-themed wedding acting as the perfect place to exchange vows. As fans anxiously await their return to Yellowstone for the much-awaited fifth season, they also look forward to seeing how their real-life partnership develops.

Whether they decide to use their on-screen chemistry in upcoming Yellowstone episodes or just take pleasure in their newfound happiness as a married couple, one thing is for sure: the tale of Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham has won over viewers’ hearts and will do so for years to come.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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