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Health is the one of the most things in the human beings life. Each and every one wants to stay happy and live a healthy life for longer. Men are facing several health issues in a high numbers such as Cardio problem (Heart attack & Stroke), Cancer diseases (Blood cancer, lungs cancer, mouth cancer, prostate cancer and etc…), Erectile Dysfunction problem, Diabetes problem and Depression. Most of the men are loss their life due to the suffered with anyone or two of these diseases in their life. Men can prevent their body from these health issues by following the good health food diets in their daily life.


Garlic contains the several medicine properties. It loaded huge amounts of antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties.  Regular consuming of garlic is supports to reduce the formation of bad cholesterol i.e Low density Lipoproteins (LDL) in the bloods. This high bad cholesterol is the reason for the blood clot in the heart. This will lead a man into heart attack problem. So garlic has the power to eliminate the bad cholesterol and removes the unwanted fats in the body.


Nuts are loaded with full of fiber, phytonutrients, nutrients, protein, plant sterols, antioxidants, vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. The better thing is straightforward to devour- just want to shell them, no lengthy provisions wanted. Or make right utilization of them into fruits, porridges, pastas, salads, yogurt, soups, and cereals.

Now a day’s nuts come up very fast in with the chocolate-included, salted and sugared due to the fact they are responsible for unfavorable the fitness. Nuts have more calories and supports to reducing the unwanted fats and also it helps to maintain the food diet into balanced.


Men body need zinc minerals more and more to maintaining the body into more health, because several men are suffering with the prostate problem due to the lack of Zinc minerals in their body.  But regularly consuming 3 ounce of oyster is supplying 74 milligrams of zinc minerals to the men body. So it helps to fight against the prostate related health issues and protect the body.


Spinach is the best green vegetables for providing various vitamins and minerals to the men body. It contains high amount of Iron, vitamin K and fiber. It also helps to increase the power of the eye visions and also protect the eye from various infections. It is a good food to increasing the blood circulation through the whole body.

Orange and Blueberries

The fruit Orange contains several medicinal properties. Orange fruit and blueberries fruits loaded with huge amounts of flavonoid. It encourages the blood vessels functions and also relaxing the arteries. Adding an orange and blueberry fruit in the daily food diet is helps to overcome the high and low blood pressure.

Omega 3 fatty acids

The Omega 3 fatty acids is most needed one for our body. But unfortunately our body has not able to secrete omega 3 fatty acids naturally. So men can take these minerals from the outsources food items like sea foods. Sea foods contain rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids. In the sea foods, salmon fish is the best option to increase the omega 3 fatty acid.


I think no one hesitate this fruit during the summer time. Yes, this fruit helps to maintain the body into more cool and protect from the hot sunlight. This fruit contains 92% of water, so it surely saves the people from the dehydrated problem. Best Solution for Erectile dysfunction problem is water melon fruit. This fruits is supports to boost the secretion of testosterone and also stimulate the men moods.


The above mention things are really useful to the men health life. Doing regular exercise is also good for the body health. So men are don’t forget to following the healthy food diet method.

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