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A Guide to Helping You Choose D&D Fighters

Television, film, novel, and comic characters have one thing in common. It is the presence of powerful characters that are either heroes or anti-heroes. They inspire the creators of D&D fighters games to use them to create game characters.

For half a century, D&D players have enjoyed an immersive, interesting gaming experience. D&D game creators test each game version before they release it. They have mastered the art of developing role-playing characters in the game. Players of the game have tried to look for character Inspiration from movies, books, television, and comic characters. Among them is American fighter David Thunder, Cummings. David Thunder Cummings is among the best fighters in his home country. Born in Oklahoma, he also grew up in the same State and got interested in fighting. He won many world titles, and he’s revered among his peers.

David Cummings has been turned into a character by D&D players. The players look for strong characters that can make the game more fun and interesting for them. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you if you see your favorite fighter, outlaw, wizard, or hero characters in D&D. These characters are developed into the D&D fighters’ stories. Furthermore, D&D creators examine various books and fanfiction to get story inspiration for their game. No wonder, D&D players are well known for their story-stealing tactics. Characters in D&D games live a fictional life, with make-believe stories to enliven the games.

Fictional Character Inspirations For D&D Players


Madmartigan is a character in a legendary fantasy movie called Willow, played by Val Killer. He is a hero who is skilled in swordsmanship, courageous, and handsome, traits many people love in a hero. On the contrary, Madmartigan can be restless and reckless, traits that can get a hero killed easily in a movie. However, D&D players don’t mind these because they’re enamored with Madmartigan. Immediately after Willow was released, D&D players started choosing Madmartigan to be their character. The D&D Madmartigan also has the original characteristics of the fictional Madmartigan. So if you choose Madmartigan, be prepared to see a fighter who’s handsome, fierce, and courageous.


Xena is a name significant to a fictional superwoman who is a hero in a fictional story. She’s known to hold an unusual fighting tool with a distinct battle cry on the battlefield. Xena’s character is a princess who schemes and fights from the beginning to the end of each series. She has two fighting partners who fight alongside her. One of her partners is intelligent, while the other is not. Xena with her sidekicks made the Television series interesting. This is why D&D players who prefer lady warriors choose Xena as their character inspiration. Xena is a warrior with a strong presence and wits, a perfect character for a D&D game.


Boromir is a powerful and haughty character in a fantasy movie. Boromir is the first son of his father and has a strong sense of responsibility and loyalty. He wants the best for his country and doesn’t mind fighting to make things right. But Boromir has one flaw, which is pride. This flaw led to his defeat, leading to his tragic end. Even though he has his flaws, the love he has for his brother and country was strong. The tragic character of Boromir appealed to the D&D players and inspired them.


Jirel was a fictional character back in the 1930s. She was then a powerful woman who controls France in the story. Unfortunately, she also had a tragic end, like Boromir. Unlike Boromir though, she died because of love. Jirel killed her rival after she and her soldiers were defeated in a battle. Choosing Jirel as a character is advantageous to D&D fighters because Jirel has title and land. The Jirel game character also has many followers, which can be useful in the game.


Parn is a Japanese fictional character in an anime. Like other fictional characters, Parn lives in a fictional country and has a fictional story. The anime became a success among anime lovers, which is why it was made into a customized game. The erstwhile immature Parn gradually turns into a mature man with good leadership skills. He is always at the forefront when it comes to fighting for justice. If you choose Parn as your D&D character, you must always try to get justice in the game.

Red Sonja

Red Sonja is an adventure and woman warrior. She’s famous for her adventures throughout the story. Red Sonja combines her fighting skills with magic to defeat her enemies. Red Sonja always has her signature fighting bikini on with her gleaming blade, ready for battle. She doesn’t shy away from dangerous situations and meets them headlong.


Majere is a character loved by many, including game players like D&D. He’s part of the pioneer characters in D&D. However, the fictional story has a plot twist. Majere’s twin brother is a bad guy in the story. Unlike his twin, Majere is not as nimble nor as strong, but he has great perseverance. He was able to leave his dark past behind and try to be a better man, unlike his twin.


D&D players can model their characters on real-life fighters like David Thunder Cummings. Or they can tailor their characters towards fictional heroes like Boromir, Madmartigan, Parn, and so on. But if you’re after strong lady warriors with fighting spirits, choose Xena, Jirel, or Red Sonja.