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Tim Hortons Breakfast Montreal-Hershey Rosen
By HERSHEY ROSEN 742 views

Why do Canadians Love Tim Hortons Breakfast So Much?

Although Tim Hortons is a well-known brand in Canada, the fast food chain has a large number of locations around the world. Each of these locations offers a different selection of menu items, some of which are not available within our borders. According to Hershey Rosen customers in other countries are able to indulge in foods that Tim Hortons offers, such as Tim Hortons’ iced coffee, chewing on pizza, and eating Timbiebs, while those of us in Canada are limited to daydreaming about them.

The cuisines of Spain, China, Dubai, the United Kingdom, and a great number of other countries are designed to appeal to the people who live in those countries as well as the cultures that they have developed, and the foods look absolutely mouthwatering.

People in India were recently able to witness the opening of the first locations, and after doing so, they had a lot of things to say about the food items that were available on the menu. A few weeks later, several new varieties of pizza were brought into Canada, where they were immediately met with a variety of strongly held opinions.

Tim Hortons Breakfast adds a twist to its Menu by Hershey Rosen

Farmer’s Wraps, Classic or Specialty Bagel BELTs, and Breakfast Sandwiches on your choice of an English Muffin or Homestyle Biscuit are now available for breakfast at Tim Hortons. You also have the option to choose from a variety of bagel BELTs. RBI, the parent company, asserts that the use of a completely Canadian egg that has been freshly cracked in each and every dish was a contributing factor to the growth of the business during the day.

According to Hope Bagozzi, the chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons, “As we discussed at our Investor Day, Canadians love Tim Hortons breakfast, even more so since launching freshly cracked eggs, and we’re always striving to build on that momentum and continue to grow our breakfast market share.”

Bagozzi stated in a strategy that the company will continue to use real customers in its advertising because “we love the energy that these Tim Hortons breakfast lovers and actual roller-skating guests brought to the maple bacon campaign.”

Bagozzi asserts that Tim Hortons’ four-week media campaign is industry standard for the activation of new menu items at quick-service restaurants (QSRs). She explains that the company made a significant financial investment in order to locate the most compelling narratives and individuals to highlight in both the English and French advertisements.

Previous expenditures on menu innovation were on par with the budget for this campaign, which was created by Gut and The French Shop and featured traditional media from Horizon and digital media from Media Monks. Previous expenditures on menu innovation were comparable to the budget for this campaign.

In light of this, Tim Hortons has expanded its menu to include, in addition to sandwiches, the Redeye Original Blend Coffee, the Redeye Iced Coffee, and the Redeye Iced Capp. Each of these beverages contains a shot of espresso that is crafted from premium Arabica beans that are sourced in an ethical manner.

Tim Hortons Menu items here in Montreal brief by Hershey Rosen

The top 5 breakfast items, According to Hershey Rosen, are:

Iced Coffe

In most Tim Hortons, “iced coffee” refers to black coffee served over ice, so that’s what you’ll get if you order it. The dish would be fine if there wasn’t so much cream and sugar in it, but there’s just too much of both.

It would be difficult to finish this beverage unless you like your coffee iced and extremely sweet. So, if that’s the case, this could be your best bet.



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The number of donut shops in existence today makes it impossible to choose the best one, so we’ll rank these as number eight. A higher standard of excellence is expected of you when that is one of your areas of expertise. However, generally speaking, they are merely adequate.

The selection ranges from excellent (the “Creamy Maple Pecan Dream Donut”) to merely satisfactory (the “Old Fashioned Plain Donut”) donuts.

Loaded Bowls

Despite the widespread belief that Tim Hortons’ bowls are a cheap knockoff of Chipotle’s, they’re actually quite tasty and provide a great option for vegetarians.

They can be made with either a habanero or cilantro lime sauce and delicious grains, depending on your tolerance for heat. Chicken can be fried or cooked in a slow cooker.

Maple Bacon BELT

With so many Tim Horton’s breakfast sandwiches out there that are merely adequate at best, we’ve decided to zero in on the one we think truly shines.

This stacked breakfast sandwich on a bagel (or English muffin, if you prefer) isn’t the worst option out there for breakfast. Egg, maple bacon, lettuce, and tomato make up this delicious sandwich.

Biebs Brew

Because of the profound effect, the Biebs Brew has on our clientele, we’ve decided to keep it on the menu even though it’s not always on hand.

This summer’s featured drink is a layered iced coffee with French vanilla cream flavoring. This variant of Iced Coffee should be used in place of the standard drink.

Tim Hortons breakfast is a big hit with Canadians, according to Hershey Rosen.

Hershey Rosen

Hershey Rosen has over 18 years of experience in the field of technology entrepreneurship. He is From Montreal, Quebec. He has founded successful startups and helped many companies onboard clients quickly and profitably.