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Drug charges can range in sternness. Depending on the situations, they vary from a Class B misdemeanor possession to first degree felonies. The fitness and security code also covers the manufacture and delivery of proscribed substances says Bobby Salehi Houston Tx.

Contravention of the drug laws in Texas can start with a simple charge of possession and can end with a conviction of vending unlawful drugs. If you have been in prison or are under exploration for a drug offense, do not hesitate to hire an attorney.

Of all the dissimilar laws that defend the public concerning drug offense, there are three that merit some further explaining:

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  1. Possession of a controlled substance – This is the common kind of drug charge. It involves deliberately possessing a controlled substance. There are two different types of possession accuse i.e. constructive possession and actual possession.

Constructive possession represents that the drugs were not found on you, but the existence of supplies such as syringes is sufficient to arrest you. Actual possession cases arise if the drugs found in your presence.

  1. Selling illegal drugs – Selling and transporting drugs are identical in Texas emphasis Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. This means if you give any amount of restricted material, then you have dedicated drug delivery. And either you have to spend one year in a county prison or a maximum of up to 99 years in jail and a $100,000 fine depending on the quantity.
  2. Possession of drug paraphernalia – It’s anything that can be, has been, or will be used in the developing and wrapping of a controlled substance. Pipes and bongs are the evidence used to instigate custody of drug paraphernalia charge. It’s a severe charge that has pessimistic sentences for your record.

Consequences for drug charges

Depending on your charge, drug offense sentences can comprise fines and comprehensive time in jail. The harshness of your accuse will be based on prior offenses, whether minor are concerned, the rules in your authority, and etc. Your future is also at risk because even after you have paid off the charges, you will still have to survive with a criminal record. This can reduce your job opportunities, housing preference, and more.

Do not leave your future to chance

It is important that you call criminal defense attorney if you are suspected of an offense with a violation of the law. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the better your probabilities of getting the best probable outcome. An experienced criminal attorney like Bobby Salehi Houston Tx knows what information you need to prove your incorruptibility and how to get the charges reduced.

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