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The fashion industry has produced a new range of products that are liked and loved by users. They are artificial hairs, also known as hair extensions. They are typically manufactured by using synthetic fibers but are also, sometimes, prepared from natural hairs of human beings. They are especially of great significance for those people that have inappropriate length and thickness of hairs and cannot mold them into appropriate styles. The items of such high significance are required to be packed by using hair extension boxes. These containers are available in a diverse range of shapes and sizes and are commonly crafted out of cardboard to make them safe and protective. They are transformed into creative and innovative styles to impress the audience and compel them to buy them, and in this way, the sales of products reach the next level.


Types of Extensions:

hair Extensions

The cosmetic items are available in a diverse range of forms and genres and are utilized by users to cast a positive impression of their personality. The items packed in lovely and creative custom hair extension boxes are trendy these days. They are provided by many brands or organizations dealing with beauty products in specially prepared cosmetic boxes. These custom cosmetic boxes are instrumental in captivating the interest of observers and stimulating their interest. But it can also be understood that different types of people have different tastes, and this taste is reflected in the choice of the item they are applying. Fortunately, artificial hairs are available in many different kinds that are selected according to the convenience and ease of users. Some of these kinds are described below.


Clip-in Extensions:

Clip-in Extensions


Artificial hairs are required to be applied on the head to give a different look to the personality of users. There are many ways through which they can be applied. The complete method top uses them is usually displayed on the printed hair extension boxes. One of the best ways through which they can be applied with great ease is through clips. They are considered the best option for those individuals that have short length hairs, but they want them to be lengthy. The clip-in style has clips attached on the upper end that can be clicked with hairs with the utmost ease. These styles are presented by many brands in creative cosmetic packaging and can be availed from the market easily. These types of extensions have a long term solution as they last for three to six months.


Tape-in Extensions:

Tape-in Extensions

These extensions are exactly similar to what they sound like. They are attached to hairs with binding tapes. These tapes are usually transparent so that there is no way due to which they might disturb the image of users. Professionals in makeup saloons most commonly utilize them because they are easy to apply in a short time and give the best possible results. The process is performed by heating the tape to make it stickier and then applied on the required surface. These types of extensions are also beneficial form the aspect that they can be reused over and over again. They can last for four to eight weeks if they are not removed intentionally. The packaging for hair extension of this type is excellent in the display to make them more alluring to observers. The brands or organizations producing these products are inclined to provide all the required details by using printed cosmetic boxes so that individuals might be able to use them appropriately.


Microlink Extensions:

Microlink Extensions

These types of extensions are also known as microbeads or micro loop because they are applied by using small wefts to smaller sections of natural hair with the help of silicone-lined bead. Extra caution is required to apply them because of their delicate nature. That is why professionals in the field most commonly employ them. This method takes two to four hours to be completed. They are a long-lasting option, but still, there is a requirement for regular repositioning to make them more look natural. These types of highly significant products are usually made more captivating for observers by cosmetic box printing in which alluring colors and creative patterns are drawn on coverings.




Perhaps they are the most ancient option but are still an extremely effective way to give different styles to hairs. They are readymade styles available in a variety of colors and are applied topically. They are also known as head coverings because they are placed on the head and then tied by using built-in laces. These styles have a major disadvantage that they are extremely difficult to wash and might lose their integrity during the cleaning process. They might be real or synthetic, but in any case, they require utmost care to be handled.

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