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Accidents can occur anywhere. You may be on your way to office or shopping in a nearby store. Maybe you are with family or acquaintances, spending time on hobbies or recreational pursuit. Or you may even be on holiday, or in the process of traveling to meet up family. Perhaps, you are going for your business meeting, and on the way, you find yourself caught in a personal injury case.

The Texas personal injury lawyer like Bobby Salehi Houston Tx, understand the serious consequences that accident can have on your life. Actually, these accidents are often not a mishap at all but instead the result of somebody irresponsible or negligent conducts.

Personal Injury Cases are the Most Complex Cases

Finding fault in a Texas car mishap can be a very difficult matter, depending on the surrounding situations. Some misfortunes engross some parties and present straightforward issues. And other cases involve composite fact patterns that need judges to consider and apply several lawful doctrines. One of the common problems that can occur in Texas personal injury cases that may make the case more difficult is the occurrence of numerous parties, each of which shares some amount of mistake in causing a mishap. In such cases, Texas courts apply what is usually known as the doctrine of proportional fault.


Texas Shared Fault Rules

In some personal injury cases, the person who is filing a claim against argues that are essentially to blame for the happening that led to their injuries. If offender and injured person share some amount of accountability, it can end up affecting the total amount of recompense you have to pay to injured parties.

In shared fault injury cases, Texas pursues a modified comparative negligence rule emphasis Bobby Salehi Houston Tx. This means that the amount of reimbursement you have to pay will be decreased by an amount that is equivalent to the proportion of fault. In fact, if injured party found to bear about 50 percent of the legal culpability, this means you need not to pay anything to them. And you cannot handle such cases by your own. Hence, you need a legal representative for handling your case or release you from such accusation.

Have You Been Charged for Texas Car Accident?

If you have been recently found guilty for a car accident, you may be charged through a Texas personal injury lawsuit. It is crucial that you contact Bobby Salehi Houston Tx personal injury lawyer for your legal representation. Bobby Salehi has extensive experience handling all types of Texas personal injury cases. His team helps in settling any liens against your settlement. You can count on the personal injury lawyer to reduce the fine you are going to face. The team of Bobby also works hard to make sure your case gets dismissed as soon as possible. Contact today for a free consultation!

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