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The great truth is that each health care model has advantages and disadvantages, so everything depends on the needs and peculiarities of each one.

The important thing is not to be discovered, since everyone is subject to the risk of being affected by a disease suddenly. Check out the benefits of life insurance and health insurance and find out which option best fits your profile.


In addition to the advantage of greater peace of mind and security when you need medical services, health insurance also has other benefits. Many companies are offering group health plans to their employees these days. This is very beneficial to their employees.

Better cost-benefit ratio

The investment in a health plan can be costly, depending on the conditions and age of the user, as well as the number of people supported by the plan. In this regard, health insurance also comes out ahead, as it is more customized, and you only pay for the services that you will need to use – and when to use them.

Freedom of choice

The insured is not restricted to a service network provided by the company. You can choose the professionals you want, including those indicated by family and friends, who the health plan might not cover.

There is another interesting point: the significant disadvantage of the health plan is that there may be a high turnover of doctors and health professionals from one year to the next.

This means that if your family doctor, who has been accompanying you for many years, decides not to renew with the plan operator, you will have to look for another doctor to consult or pay the cost of the consultation outside. This concern does not exist in health insurance.

In addition, if you move to another city, there is no need to go through the bureaucracy of looking for another company that works in your new region to make portability. Just seek care wherever you want, and the amounts will be refunded.

Greater flexibility

Health plans generally have a stricter model than insurance. According to the ANS rules, insurance can be formed by several coverage modules, which allows the construction of a plan adapted to the needs of the user.


Insurance is usually cheaper, in addition to offering ample freedom of choice for the insured. Its weakness is that the policyholder must always maintain an emergency reserve capable of covering any medical emergency or even consultations and preventive exams.

Practicality in contracts

Most of the time, health plans have a set of clauses and rules that delay care. Although there is a shortage in both services, health insurance allows you to use some benefits more quickly, except for those with higher repayment amounts.

So, after this analysis, we can say that health insurance can be an excellent idea for those in good health and tend to go to the doctor a little. Since the user will only have significant expenses if they need the assistance and, even so, they will be reimbursed for part of those costs.

Now, if you live at the doctor and perform several exams throughout the year, perhaps the best alternative is the health plan.


The health plan has some advantages, which we list below.

Security and peace of mind

Nothing better than ensuring quality service when you need it most. Health plans provide comprehensive coverage. When you need assistance, consult the website or company guide and search for the professional or hospital closest to you.


If you move to a region not covered by your plan, you can request portability from another operator. That way, it will not be necessary to go through the grace period again.

The same is true if you wanted to move to a company that provides broader or more favorable coverage. According to ANS, it is necessary to present the current plan’s portfolio and the last three pay slips and have at least two years of participation in the program.

Zero cost of care

The health plan is a little more expensive, but, while in health insurance, you will have to pay the costs to be reimbursed in part afterwards, the health plan does not require you to have any money in your pocket at the time of care.

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