logical reasoning tests

Why do companies use logical reasoning tests?

Measuring mental ability of any employee before their selection has become very important criteria among many corporate sectors. There are many psychometric tests available that help make the process easier during interviews and placements.

Any occupation requires an individual’s complete dedication, both physically and mentally. It is important for the employee to have a higher level of job satisfaction in order to ensure that the company’s revenues are up and profitable. Each employee contributes immensely to an organisation’s worth. Hence, it is necessary that before the selection of an employee is done, their abilities in terms of coping skills, cognitive abilities, reasoning skills, and other areas of mental processes are tested out along with their educational qualifications as well as work experience.

Logical reasoning is one such test amongst many other tests that psychometric has to offer during the recruitment process. It helps to understand the reasoning abilities of individuals and it comes under the broader concept of non-verbal skills that are tested out.

What is logical reasoning?

Human beings have the ultimate power over the other species which is the ability to reflect consciously on our actions and to reason out situations. Logical reasoning helps us build rationale thoughts which allow us to come to conclusions by involving facts, experiences, and other constructs. It is also one of the best methods of controlled thinking towards finding out the best solution to a particular problem.  The reasoning is used not just for immediate problem-solving situations but also to anticipate other future problems. Logical reasoning helps determine an employee’s ability to adjust in that particular organisation and accommodate to that environment. It also helps the employer gain more understanding of the candidate’s cognitive activities and how it might his or her behavior or personality.

Types of Logical reasoning:

In a logical reasoning test, candidates will be asked to interpret or manipulate several shapes, numbers, and patterns. There are two broad kinds of reasoning that are usually verified in these kinds of tests.  They are:

  1. Deductive reasoning- This is the kind of reasoning where conclusions are drawn from known statements. The statement is usually already established and that’s the starting point of your reasoning.
  2. Inductive reasoning- Cases, examples and other situations are used to discover and construct a particular statement.

There are other kinds of reasoning that can be understood and analysed from psychometric tests. These include conditioned reasoning, categorical reasoning, linear reasoning, causal reasoning, etc.

All in all, logical reasoning tests are a great way to test whether the candidate is able to reach conclusions on particular situations and circumstances. They may be provided with some information and asked to come to a decision based on the facts provided. The inductive reasoning might help evaluate those applying for IT, science, and other technical skills. New solutions and strategies help determine creative skills of the candidate as well. Logical reasoning comes under aptitude tests which assess specific general skills. Other skills tested include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning etc.

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