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Mandy Rose Retirement
By AMANDA MILLS 416 views

Mandy Rose – A Strong Woman Who Battles It Out Inside the WWE ring

American pro-wrestler Amanda Rose also called Mandy Rose in the ring, is also a public figure and fitness expert. She also commented on various figure competitions. Mandy is mostly popular for participating in several WWE with her professional name. The WWE has many facets to her personality that are hidden from the public. This includes her love life, net worth, hobbies, and so on. The wrestling universe is abuzz with questions about Mandy Rose retirement. Let’s examine the facts and see what the future holds for this WWE superstar.

Mandy Rose’s background

Mandy is a native of Westchester, precisely. She has three older siblings, but one died in 2022 due to a medical condition. Being the only girl out of a family of six, Mandy was quite close to her brothers. Therefore, the death of one of them was devastating. Furthermore, Mandy’s ancestors came from Italy and Ireland.


Mandy schooled in New York at a good high school. She has always been an active girl, so she joined the dance team. For her tertiary education, Mandy majored in Speech Pathology at a community college.


Career in fitness

Mandy has always loved anything related to fitness. So when she saw the opportunity to go international, she grabbed it. She became a pro-fitness competitor in 2013. This career propelled her into the field of wrestling, where she won many matches thereafter.

The start of her wrestling career

The one-time NXT champion began her career in the United States. As stated above, she started her career as a competitive bodybuilder and fitness athlete in 2014 and 2013, respectively. Then, two years after she started as a bodybuilder, she joined a 2015 WWE match and got second place. Seeing that she has much potential, WWE gave her a contract to join them. After she signed the contract, Mandy Rose became part of one of WWE’s shows. However, she didn’t stay with the WWE franchise and moved to another show.

Fire and Desire collaboration with DeVille

In 2017, Mandy and DeVille collaborated to form a team. They were aptly named the Fire and Desire team because that was what people called them together. Unfortunately, in 2020, they parted ways and went solo during a WWE match. As a result, they met as opponents inside the wrestling ring. The winner of that particular match was supposed to leave the WWE arena, and Mandy won.

Reasons Why Mandy Rose May Retire from Wrestling

Success in FanTime: Rose’s FanTime content has proved to be incredibly successful, to the point where her income from this venture reportedly surpasses what she earned in WWE. The financial stability that FanTime provides might make wrestling less of a necessity for her livelihood.

Enjoying Her Current Lifestyle: Rose has expressed her contentment with her current lifestyle. It allows her the freedom to travel, spend time with family and friends, and wholly focus on her FanTime content. This newfound lifestyle offers her a sense of fulfillment and flexibility that the rigors of professional wrestling can sometimes impede.

Injury History: Wrestling is a physically demanding profession, and Rose has encountered her share of injuries, including a torn ACL and a broken nose. These injuries could have contributed to her hesitancy about continuing her wrestling career, as they serve as stark reminders of the physical toll the sport can take.

Return to NXT

Mandy returned to NXT after she left Dana, another wrestler she associated with. She created another team with two other wrestlers upon her return. This move was visionary on her part because she went on to win a championship as a NXT wrestler. Then, in 2022, NXT let go of Mandy Rose.

Mandy as an entrepreneur

Mandy knows the value of financial freedom and how good it is to have multiple incomes. As a result, she owns a skincare and beauty brand, named after herself. In addition, she launched an online donut brand with DeVille, a fellow wrestling professional. Their business is registered on UberEATS which also delivers snacks to customers within LA.

Some random facts about Mandy Rose

When Mandy got first place within two years of joining WWE, she surprised her fans. She even participated in a Boston pageant show and won. Not only that, she proved that a woman can simultaneously be fit and beautiful by winning a world beauty pageant. Additionally, Mandy does CrossFit, Pilates, and yoga to keep in shape and improve her overall well-being.

Love life

Although Mandy loves her privacy, she told the public in 2018 that she had a boyfriend. Her boyfriend at that time was a colleague in the wrestling field. She and this colleague had their engagement party two years after revealing their relationship.

Romance storyline

While several people were still digesting Mandy’s announcement of a relationship, something else happened. She had a scripted love story with Otis, who also helped her in her subsequent matches. Fans were left confused when Mandy told Otis she would go out with him for Valentine’s. However, the date got canceled when another man substituted for Otis. Instead, the man went on the outing with Mandy, which greatly annoyed Otis. What ensued was a love triangle, which later evolved into a love square when DeVille interfered.

Resolving the storyline

The love square situation ended in a match between all parties concerned, which turned into a brawl. As revenge, DeVille attacked Mandy backstage, and Mandy had to get a new haircut after.

Net worth

Considering how hard Mandy works, and the number of jobs she does, one can speculate on her net worth. It is safe to say that she’s worth millions of dollars just from her two businesses and wrestling job alone. These exclude the money she gets from her endorsements, being an influencer, and other deals.

Accomplishments so far

Mandy Rose has accomplished a lot in the course of her career. She won one wrestling championship, two professional wrestling honors, one wrestling award, and two other fashion and fitness awards.


Mandy Rose has been a dancer, professional wrestler, and fitness competitor, a yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit participant for many years. She is indeed a woman of many talents and ambitions. Mandy proved that she is a woman of beauty with a smart brain. That is, she doesn’t only rely on her beautiful face and fit body to generate income. But she also used her brain to make a name for herself in the business world.

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