When the year ends, you suddenly find yourself with mixed feelings. The missed milestones of the previous year, while some look forward to new beginnings. While some are a little depressed, about the year gone, and life’s speed, most of us, are really happy at getting a brand new calendar year. But what most of us forget is that, if we are really looking at a new world, with better relationships, health etc. We need to change ourselves the most.

While most of us plan to have a better version of ourselves, Let us see how we can achieve this.


Prayer is Magical

First of all, Why not ask for higher authority for some help here, start your year, with prayers. Pray for pardon, for whatever mistakes committed by you. Pray for any hurts caused by you to others. Pray for health and prosperity and also pray for the wellbeing of society, our brothers at the border and other brethren whose restless nights, are giving us this beautiful life. Baba Ram Rahim’s tips are quite handy here.

Help others, help yourselves

Next help the needy and their blessings will help you, too. Start your year, giving, and earning blessings for yourself. Blessings work at celestial level exhorts Dera Sacha Sauda chief. Also, as you look at a better version of you, why not identify your shortcomings on a sheet of paper. Identifying your shortcomings is the first step in accepting that there are issues in you. Half the battle is won there.

Meditation the brahmastra

As, he suggests, in his tips for students, and enthusiasts, to sit in meditation and you will be able to identify your shortcomings, as most of us are unable to see the same in ourselves. So if you fall in this category, then this is your go-to formula. Sit in meditation, while meditating on God’s words, as you ask for God’s help to make you perfect. He definitely sheds light and you get to know your own weaknesses and then with meditation, you can easily give up on your wrong habit. In fact, followers of Baba Ram Rahim spend the entire birth month of their Masters, meditating and helping others. And every day they quit their bad habits, which is a challenge for most of us.

Perseverance and monitoring

For starters, this is really good and works every time. You can take this forward with regular goal setting, daily monitoring and even taking feedback from your friends and well-wishers about you. The things that you dream about yourselves, like being angry at the drop of a hat, or being late every single time, or not able to give up on sweets etc. You can challenge yourselves on your weak points, and try to come out clean. With regular follow-up with yourself, you will be able to give up your bad habits for good.

Motivate others

The next step would be motivating others; in fact, Dera Sacha Sauda followers have been great motivators for me. Their spirit to serve the society, with their blood donation drives, or helping the mentally challenged, lying on roads, or helping the stray animals, is very contagious. And in fact, if we could adopt these wonderful teachings of Baba Ram Rahim, we would love the transformation, the best version of ourselves.

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