Meditation is a widely used concept today and people are well aware of it. But most of them misunderstand it as just sitting, closing their eyes, long-breathing and stay in the same position for long. This is not the complete meaning of meditation. Meditation is actually a far greater concept than you think. It’s not just sitting in a squat and take long breaths by closing eyes, instead, it’s the smallest fraction of what meditation is. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has clear out it in the most simplified way. Get into it:

What is meditation?

Meditation is completely turning your thoughts off and enhances concentration on God. It means chanting God’s words that are taught by the spiritual master. So basically, calling God or addressing Him by the continual recitation of His words is meditation.

We believe you have somewhat clear about what meditation actually is. Anyone can’t teach you these magical words. Only true saints who have themselves practiced these words and attained God, can bestow it to the masses with the permission of God. Once it is delivered by the true master and chanted by people they start realizing the change in their own self, their existence and start feeling the presence of God.

How to meditate

Does there a fake method of meditation exist?

Unfortunately, yes! Like other materialistic things, method of meditation can also be fake and people can be framed in fraudulent activities who is pretending to be a saint but not actually is. In that case, you can find the real one on the basis of these grounds:

  • The real saint will never demand money by delivering you method of mediation
  • He will never ask you for his personal works in exchange for God’s words
  • He will never directly or indirectly demand anything from you
  • He will not curse you for anything
  • He will always pray for the wellbeing of everyone and even literally do good for others always.

If the one who is giving you God’s words doesn’t contain these qualities, then the method of meditation you have taken is fake and will not work in spite of your tremendous efforts.

How to meditate?

If you want to meet God in less time span, then wake up early morning in Brahma Muhurta, between 2 to 5 AM. If possible, then take a bath so that any sort of smell can’t disturb you while meditating. Sit in a place that is totally free from noise in a squat position. Close your eyes and try to concentrate on Tenth Door, the place exactly between two eyes and recite those God’s words. Do it regularly for at least one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening. Make sure, if you have eaten food, then do meditation after 2:30 to 3:00 hours, if not, then at least half an hour before taking a meal.

However, this is not the only way. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan addresses the masses that they can recite God’s words anytime, anywhere while performing daily chores, like, if you are eating food, traveling, sitting in an office or performing any work, you can do mediation along with performing those tasks. In this way, you will be able to do meditation without leaving any task. This is the most tempting way, isn’t it?

So, you probably have known about how to meditate or what’s the right way to meditate and meet God. You need to have a true method of, true mentor or spiritual master and must know the way with which you can easily meet God. Method of meditation bequeaths ocean of joy and help you to become more powerful, boost up confidence, become energetic than before.

Saint MSG is a blessing in the lives of the masses. Thanks to Guruji for navigating all to the righteous path in the right manner.

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