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conrol mind
By ADA BENTON 992 views

Meditation Only Means To Control Mind

Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan says that every human being should connect with the remembrance of that Allah, Ram Waheguru, and become worthy of his kind grace. Mana is also self-dependent. If he listens and acts upon the discourse of Guru-Peer then he can earn his blessings, positively. But if he does not admit and does not put those sermons into practice, then he remains bereft of those benefits Therefore in order to be capable of winning the kind grace and virtues of Om, Hari, Bhagwan one should do meditation on God’s Name, and love all the creatures of the universe selflessly.

It is not an ordinary matter to meditate and to sit in his memory. It is a matter of great significance to walk over the path of meditation of the Master in these days of dense Kalyuga. Because when the rule of evil is prevalent all around, the man may feel indulging in Ram Naam as a heavy burden, mind and mind-dominating persons may hinder Ram Naam, then in such a Kaliyuga then nurturing the holy memory and love- the affection of the Master becomes very tough.

ram rahim singh

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that the mind of a human being is very naughty which overpowers everybody. It can be controlled by service meditation. The only effective means to stop the nuances of the mind is to restore to the selfless service of humankind and to practice meditation of Gurumantra. It can nullify the negative thoughts, and mean ideas of a person. Such a dense Kalyuga is prevailing now that man forgets the kindness love and grace of the Master. The blessings-graces of the Master are showered not upon the devotee but upon his family as well including the prayers which saints do for their welfare. But the mind makes everything forgotten by overshadowing all the benevolence in a moment. Those who oppose the will of mind resolutely are worthy of accolades This very fact has to be retaliated by Murshid-e- Kamil Shah Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj that winning one’s mind is equal to winning the world. Fighting against one’s mind is the real meditation in Kaliyuga.

Guru Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji says that if you want to do meditation and gain the love- the affection of the Master then fight with your mind. Do not act upon the bad thoughts generated by your mind. The generation of evil thoughts can do no harm. The bad effect created by the mind can be washed down by a bit of meditation and listening to Sat Sang. But life becomes miserable by acting upon those bad thoughts. Do sarin and make a resolution in your heart that you will not become the slave of your mind nor hear the back bite-condemnation of others, and then life will be better. Many persons keep themselves busy in these jobs during this Kaliyuga. For instance, if a man adopts some profession for earning his live hood and goes on doing the same routine nonstop. Similarly, there are persons who remain busy in back-biting, condemnation and evil acts and their minds are ever busy in negative planning. They thus become slaves of Kaal inadvertently.

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Their mind confirms that you have to do this very duty now. Such persons are sure to drown and those who move in their company are also dragged down to sink with them. Therefore always keep your hem clean from evil deeds. Never let the mean thoughts enter in your brain at all. If at all they came then shun them away through Sewa- Sumlin and never act upon them because it is meditation and service to others, that can only counter them, make your soul strong enough to handle the games of mind. Those who are maintaining love-attachment with the Master in this Kalyuga even, and do not pay any heed to the taunting of the world. World subjects to a lot of criticism and talk irrelevantly but those are lucky enough to discard them and go on enhancing over the path of God’s love. There are a number of those who wish to have a dispute among you but that who helps in amalgamation is a rare one who teaches the lesson of love selflessly. Hence please do not take any decision under the influence of your mind. Mind always betrays. What is truth or what is reality is only known to the Master, you think only about yourself. Improve your life. Do not resort to the interference of any sort, because when you do interference in excess then you forget your own target. Your jobs are to serve-sumrin and perform your assigned duties, which is your duty as well. Hence go on doing your duties, Sewa- Sumrin, good deeds, you will become worthy of the kindness of the Master positively.

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