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As per the research done by Ad Shield, a leading research organization that has made itself synonymous with Quality in its mobile advertising platform, only four out of the twenty-five leading mobile advertising platforms available in Pakistan are actually compliant with their guidelines. This might seem hard to believe. It is surprising, as a result, to find that none of the ad networks have the necessary features and techniques to help retain the clicks generated. But is there a solution to this apparent dilemma?

There are companies in Pakistan that have been studying the subject of mobile ads and coming up with innovative concepts. They have not only come up with complete ad strategies and campaigns but also come up with cost-effective solutions for clients.

And that’s what makes a platform such as the Best Mobile Ad Network in Pakistan (BMA) so unique. This is an instance where the top mobile marketing company is providing clients with cost-effective solutions and it is also offering a service that is endorsed by the Pakistan government and the federal government of Pakistan.

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The new government of Pakistan has declared that everything related to the mobile advertising platform needs to be right. Even if you are not starting a business, you are entitled to put your advertisements in all forms of media, including mobile. The government has also released a new set of laws and policies that are making it possible for anyone to put ads on a mobile device and run them for free.

The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) has given assurance that mobile ads will be within the regulatory parameters provided by Pemra. In addition, Pemra has released a list of all the networks that are in compliance with its guidelines.

But still the best thing that Pemra can offer is the Best Mobile Ad Network in Pakistan. BMA is a network that has been provided for free to those who are looking for mobile advertising solutions that are market-friendly and proven to work.

The platform is easy to use and with the assistance of the ‘basic’ tool, users can easily create their own mobile ads, publish them on mobile devices and get in touch with advertisers. It is without a doubt a revolutionary network that has helped many advertisers who are into the mobile marketing business.

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There are also a number of advertising networks that are not compliant with the government rules and regulations in Pakistan. These networks might be popular in other parts of the world, but they are not necessarily in compliance with the rules and regulations being put forth by the government in Pakistan.

There are options when it comes to mobile ads in Pakistan, but they are not without their drawbacks. Also, users who are in search of the Best Mobile Ad Network in Pakistan will not be able to find the network that works for them.

mobile appsUsers are restricted to using only two countries of mobile ads and that too, only during certain hours of the day. This does not seem to be very effective.

The best way to go about getting a company that is in compliance with the regulations in Pakistan is to use the Internet. Because of its popularity, information about the Best Mobile Ad Network in Pakistan is easily available online.

Once you are comfortable with the Pemra’s rules and regulations, you will find that there are a number of different networks available. It would be wise to contact a network that fits your needs and uses only the best mobile advertising network in Pakistan.

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