Monsoon Illness

Think of one habit which you want to quit today. We’re sure, there are many. You just don’t have enough time and determination to quit them. Better late than never! It is the high time now that you start maintaining a distance with all your bad habits in order to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Monsoon is the time of the year when the heat is reduced and you feel not to come out of your bed all day long. The climate is so pleasant that you would love travelling. Flowers and birds love this seasons that you can almost find a new flower blossoming every single day and bird singing their song. Along with all these there are few things you need to take a cautious approach. During this rainy seasons there is a high chance of epidemic spread. Hence it is very important to take good care of you and your child.

We will be discussing about some of the common illness and how to take precautionary measures for that. The most dreaded illness is the one is spread by the mosquitos. Malaria is a deadly disease few years back but thankfully we have the cure for it now. It is very important to protect your little one from malaria. It can be congenital or acquired neonatal malaria which affects the new born. Some of the common symptom of malaria is moderate to high fever – if you notice fever which cannot be explained and is present for more than 24 hours, take your child to a paediatrician in Bangalore or any other place which you live in. It is very important to notice the symptoms clearly. The other symptom is sleeplessness and respiratory illness. This is something you should really notice as most of the times it goes unnoticed and malaria spreads rapidly. Some of the best methods of prevention of malaria are: 1) have mosquito nets for all the windows and bedding at all times, if possible, 2) clear off stagnant water in and around your house because stagnant water is the breading place for mosquitos, 3) you also try the mosquito replants on the clothes as they won’t come in direct contact with the skin.

According to a maternity hospital in Chandigarh, the next most common illness is dengue. This is again spread by mosquitos. The most common symptoms of dengue are very similar to malaria with slight eye pain and feeling of restlessness. Sometimes there could be rashness and bleeding in nose and gums. The prevention methods are the same as malaria.

The next common illness is stomach flu. Food items gets spoiled very soon during this time than during summer. Hence is very important to eat food that is freshly prepared and hot. Always drink hot water and close your ears with cotton to prevent headache.

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