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demengo it’s international
Demengo it’s international
By DEMENGO 2,096 views

Moving Internationally? Five Tips from the Demengo

Moving internationally is often a hectic and challenging task. Especially, when you have a lot of belongings to pack and carry while moving. Therefore, to make it possible, leading Company like Demengo offer movable services to his clients. Hold on! They not only offer moving and packing services, but also guide customers during the moving process.

If you are moving internationally, here are few tips from the Demengo to make your trip a memorable one.

1) Organize

In the digital era, electronics has become an essential part of our lives, so, it is advisable to carry one designated bag and remember to match all electronics to their appropriate chargers.

Also, arrange a folder to carry all your important documents. That way you ensure that your tax return and other important documents don’t end up in your toiletries bag.

If you have some spare time, go for packing hacks, including rolling T-shirts into cylindrical shapes and stuffing small objects into shoes. However, measure it with hands and make sure that those space-saving tips don’t put your bag into the oversize category. Different airlines have different weight limits, so make sure you check online before packing.

2) Simplify

When you decided for the International removal, you must have belongings that you need to edit before you leave. So, before you carry all the belongings, ask yourself this one question over and over: does this thing add value to my life?” “Also, look at those items that are very easily replaceable. It will help you in deciding which item is important to carry and which you can replace.

3) Books

Are you a book lover? If yes then you must have a wider collection of books. If you have 25 books that do not mean you should carry all the books with you. It is advisable for you to carry with two or three books and then looking for new books upon arrival. This is best option if you are shifting to a big city, as there might be various libraries and bookstore for the book lovers.

4) Check all surfaces

Clean your home or apartment once more before leaving. This is a trick most people use while staying in hotels and it works well for international moves. Especially, when you are not going to return. So make sure you check everywhere including all surfaces, even unlikely ones.

5) Gifts

If you have been living abroad and are moving to hometown, you must want to buy gifts for family and friends. Therefore, it is advisable for you to buy gifts two weeks before departure, in order to avoid a panicked shopping in last minute while travelling to the airport. But do not buy gifts in bulk as it can trouble you later.

Bottom Line

So, don’t think much and follow these tips advised by professionals of Demengo before you pack your bags to move from one country to other. In the end, an effort is always better than regret.

Have a great journey!


Demengo offers various moving services ranging from the rental of furniture and vehicle rental to moving in France or international, provided by teams of movers specialized in the delivery of your goods from France to the Dom-Tom and conversely or experienced in special moves requiring furniture elevators, such as for high floors, buildings without elevators, very heavy furniture, large size or pianos!