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Myotherapy Benefits
By JOE MAILLET 470 views

5 Surprising Myotherapy Benefits for Long Term Pain

Have you been suffering from pain in some parts of your body for weeks or months already? Long term or chronic pain can adversely affect your life. Your studies, your job, even your personal and social life can be adversely affected.

Long term pain can start mildly and gradually become more and more intense. But why do you feel pain?  Basically, when a part of your body is hurt, pain sensors carry the message to your brain through the nerve fibers. Once your brain receives the message, it now perceives and registers the pain, making you feel it.

Some pains are short term. When you suffer from a cut on your finger, you feel some pain temporarily but it goes away after a few seconds or minutes. Others can last longer like the pain caused by arthritis, fractured bones, or strained muscles. If it does not respond to medication or massage, you might suffer from it all throughout your life.

Ways to Deal with Long Term Pain

Although there are ways to deal with long term pain, one can seldom find permanent relief. You can deal with stress it causes by keeping yourself busy. Others would try to find support from their friends and relatives while others seek professional help. One can turn to drug therapy but if all these things cannot put a permanent end to your pain, trying myotherapy might resolve your problem. If you are a resident of Melbourne and the nearby areas, you can get professional help from a team of expert myotherapists for your long term pain.

What Is Myotherapy

Myotherapy involves the manipulation of the soft tissues in the body to improve one’s health and well-being. Technically speaking, it is the process of evaluating, treating, and managing problems that are musculoskeletal in nature. This is a drug-free treatment that aims to help you release and get rid of tension and pain, as well as muscle tightness and soreness. This is done by massaging the body using the hands, fingers, and thumbs. Some myotherapists also use other techniques such as dry needling therapy.

The Benefits of Myotherapy for Long Term Pain

Myotherapy has been known as an effective technique in fighting off the pain. It uses different massage techniques and dry needling to eliminate pain that has lasted for weeks and months. Here are the 5 surprising myotherapy benefits for long term pain.

  1. It promotes good posture.

Bad posture such as slouching can cause tension and aches on the upper part of your back. The pain can be felt on your neck, shoulders, and back. A bad posture can result in misalignment or imbalances in the body, which can cause pain. Through myotherapy, bad posture can be corrected. Deep tissue massage can help heal inflammation and long term pain.

  1. It can alleviate stress.

If you are suffering from long term pain, your life can be stressful. Applying myotherapy is one way of getting rid of pain and enjoying a stress-free life. This results in a wholesome life as well as excellent mental, emotional, and physical health.

  1. It helps you get rid of sore and stiff muscles.

Myotherapy uses deep tissue massage and other techniques to prevent trigger points from causing soreness and stiffness. When the trigger points are tense, your muscles tend to give in to tensions. This causes a nagging pain that can make you suffer from stressful days and sleepless nights. Undergoing myotherapy can help keep the sensitive areas of your body tighten and cause tension and pain. Instead, you are able to feel relaxed and to enjoy inner peace. This can result in overall well-being.

  1. It promotes muscle and joint mobility and flexibility.

Pain can be caused by knotted muscles and stiff joints. The most common pain is on the neck, shoulders, back, knees, and legs. This is the result of stiff joints and tensed muscles. Myotherapy is known to relieve muscles of tension and joints of stiffness. This type of therapy can make your tissues elastic, allowing them to move freely and to achieve balance. Once this happens, your joints can move smoothly and fluidly. A body with flexible and mobile joints is far healthier than one with tensed and knotted muscles.

  1. It enhances your productivity.

A person who suffers from long term pain might not be able to perform important tasks efficiently. Back pain can stop you from bending down to do a task or from picking up heavy objects. Workers that have to climb stairs might waste time because they move slowly. They tend to be absent from work. The pain can affect their focus and slows them down at work. Because they are always stressed, they tend to be always irritable, which can bring negative vibes to the workplace. Their relationship with their coworkers worsens, which can affect their productivity and that of other employees.

If you have been suffering from pain for a long time, going under myotherapy can help a lot. This treatment is safe because it does not use drugs in treating long term pain.

Joe Maillet

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