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online furniture stores India
By WOODSALA 872 views

Finding the Best Online Furniture Stores – India Has Plenty of them

As our country’s population grows, so does the need for housing. As more people shift into their own homes, the need for furniture and home décor grows as well. To cover the basics, you need a bed, a dining table, chairs and a sofa at the very least. The growing demand has led to a surge in online furniture stores. India is known for many different styles of furniture and no matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it online. The question is, when you’re buying furniture without the physical touch and feel experience, how do you find the right online store. Here are a few tips.

Choose specialist Furniture stores

Some websites retail everything from furniture to furnishings and even your kitchen groceries while others stay true to a specific product line. The latter is always preferable. Why- websites that retail everything are not likely to be manufacturing everything themselves. They are usually aggregator platforms that source products from different vendors. Hence, they will not take responsibility for quality. When it comes to furniture, it is always better to place an order with the people who manufacture it. Furniture manufacturers know how to asses wood quality, how to treat it and since it is their brand name on the line, they will maintain high standards of quality control. They will also be easier to contact if you have service needs.

Reviews and reputation matter

Exposure to a great variety of designs is one of the key advantages of shopping from online furniture stores India has expansive furniture styles ranging from ethnic to modern. However, design comes second when choosing a furniture store. The first priority goes to the store’s reputation for product quality and service. When you buy furniture for your home, you should be assured from the company that it will last a lifetime and that in the off-chance you face an issue, they will help you fix it. The best way to assess this is by reading online reviews and asking friends for recommendations. When we talk of reviews, it isn’t limited to the reviews published on the website. Also, check Google reviews and comments on the company’s social media accounts. As far as possible, avoid shopping for furniture from unknown brands.

Read the fine print

You found a great design from a brand that seems trustworthy – congratulations! But, before you confirm your order, read the fine print. A glance at the About Us page will tell you what the company stands for and how they manufacture their furniture. Similarly, read through the shipping and returns policies. Does the company charge a shipping fee? Will they unpack and assemble the furniture once it’s delivered or will you have to do this on your own? If there’s a quality issue can you return the piece? Will they replace it or repair it? Some companies charge a restocking fee. Look out for this as it can amount to a significant percentage of the product value.

Don’t take a call only on the basis of pictures

Companies that know they make good furniture aren’t afraid to talk about how they designed it and manufactured it. So, when you find a design you like, read the description alongside. No description- find another website. The description will give you important insights such as the type of wood used, the fabric used for upholstery, detailed dimensions, care instructions, etc. Thy will also help you see why the design is unique and may give you styling tips. This helps ensure that it looks as good in your home as it does in the photographs.

You can get great deals when shopping at online furniture stores. India has a number of festivals and almost all of them come with seasonal discounts. So, if you’re looking for a good deal, window shop as much as you want and keep the pieces you like most in your cart. If you can, wait till the next big festival to confirm your order. But remember, price is not the most important consideration. It is always better to spend a little more and buy high-quality furniture. If you want furniture that lasts and can be handed down to the next generation, invest in solid wood furniture. Happy shopping!


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