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ontario government
By ANDREW RYU 1,791 views

Ontario Government Invests Millions of Dollars in Employment Programs

As a Canadian resident, I am pleased to announce that the government has set aside some funds for Ontario residents. This fund is meant to reduce the shortage of labor in Ontario. It is to encourage people to acquire skills and develop themselves professionally. Additionally, Ontario residents can use these skills to join the Ontario workforce and contribute to the development of the region.

I am Andrew Ryu and I have lived in Canada for years now, so I know what has been happening. Many employers have work opportunities, but few people have the necessary skills. I used to lament about the lack of an adequate workforce. As a result, I have my part to educate people about the importance of skills development. As a graduate of the University of Toronto and McMaster University, respectively, I’ve been fortunate enough to have developed some I.T skills. Furthermore, I currently work as a businessman and an entrepreneur and also head many executive positions in different companies.

About the government funding available to Ontario residents

The funds provided by the government in Ontario are a remarkable move from the government, which I applaud. Apart from the earlier 15 million dollars that were set aside for this purpose, the government has added more money. Therefore, Ontario residents will see an influx of skills acquisition programs that will help the community. However, unlike the previous fund, priority will be given to marginalized residents in Ontario. These include:

  • Those that have had a brush with the law or have criminal records.
  • Indigenous Ontario residents
  • Youths that are at risk
  • Ontario’s residents with disabilities.
  • And other residents that face employment barriers.

Reason for the funding – Ontario Government

I believe that the government has its reasons for doing this. One of them is to equip our youths with valuable skills that will make them useful to our society. I have seen a lot of youths with potential that were turned down for jobs just because they have criminal records. These are youths that are brilliant and are perfect for the positions. However, some of them mixed with the wrong crowd for one reason or the other. And they ended up on the wrong side of the law. It sometimes saddens me to see them get turned away from their dream jobs, even after turning in new leaves.

Furthermore, many people in my community come from marginalized backgrounds. They are unable to afford a college education, nor did they learn any skills. Hence, I see lots of youths around me without jobs or prospects. Even though I try as much as possible to employ some. But I can’t afford to employ all unemployed Ontario youths and residents. Therefore, the new fund made available by our government will go a long way to help them.

Ontario Government Aims and Objectives

In Canada, millions of residents have criminal records, thereby reducing their chances of being called back for a second interview. Whereas, those with no criminal records have more chances of getting a call for a second interview. So, the government aims to prioritize such people and give them another chance to be employed. Setting up these programs will set them up on their career paths.

Furthermore, a government official has revealed that the new set of funds will improve the workforce in Ontario. Additionally, it will also fill those 400,000 vacant job spaces that are yet to be filled. That is, when the youths acquire the right skills, they can confidently apply to any job vacancies available in any sector.

Well, I also believe it is the government’s way of giving people a second chance to be self-sufficient.

Which workforce is eligible to apply?

The government has stipulated some eligibility conditions for organizations to apply for the funds.

Employers who are eligible to apply for the funds include:

  • Training providers and those who provide employment opportunities.
  • Organizations
  • Businesses are owned by people like Andrew Ryu.
  • Healthcare centers
  • Indigenous Band offices and many more.

How to apply?

To apply, employers must check if their organizations fall into the categories of those eligible. Then they can apply to get the funds. Go online and search for “Transfer Payment, Ontario.” Google will show you the related website, click and start your application. If you are interested, I will urge you to apply soon. This is because the application has been open since September and will close on the 31st of January 2023.

Residents’ Reactions

Many residents are happy with the government’s intervention because it means more job opportunities. Most people who have erstwhile lost hope of being gainfully employed due to lack of skills have hope again. They can now learn a skill of their choice and don’t need to worry about paying for them. After learning, they can get a good and reputable job, pay their bills, and take care of their families.

However, some are still skeptical about this move, which I understand, because not everybody thinks the same way.


Lastly, the funds provided by the Ontario government will increase the workforce. It’ll also reduce the rate of unemployment, which has increased drastically in Ontario. As an employer myself, I will encourage employers to participate in the program. I have already established an Andrew Ryu Graph Blockchain training to teach people about blockchain. Doing so means that I am developing my community while giving hope to people simultaneously.

Andrew Ryu

Andrew Ryu is based in Thorn Hill - Canada, is an entrepreneur and businessperson who has been the head of 8 different companies and presently is Executive Chairman at Graph Blockchain, Inc.