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Loyal and non-judgmental, your pets are a source of joy. You want them happy and in good health. So it breaks your heart when they fall sick and you hate to see them suffer. For millennia, cannabis has been used therapeutically by humans and people have realized that cannabis can offer some help or your pets.

Far from being fad, the therapeutic effects of cannabis are backed by science. Some of the conditions that it helps manage include anxiety, allergies, arthritis, cancer pain, glaucoma, seizures, and inflammatory bladder syndrome just to mention a few. It is believed that we’ve only scratched the surface as far the medical benefits of cannabis are concerned.

Research continues to demonstrate the importance of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans as well as in pets. Receptors for the ECS are located throughout the body and they play a role in maintaining balance. Both humans and pets produce natural cannabinoids which interact with the ECS and both can suffer from endocannabinoid deficiencies.

It is at this point that plant-based medicinal cannabis comes in. Cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring cannabinoid compound in the cannabis plant, attaches to your pet’s ECS receptors, healing the body and restoring its balance.

Giving your pet CBD

As with all other medicines, it is important that you stick to the instructions when giving your pets CBD oil. Even though an overdose is not fatal, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution. Start by giving your pet the smallest possible dose and gradually increase it until you find the smallest dose that is effective for your pet.

If, like many people, you accidentally overdose your pet, don’t let the trauma of the incident dissuade you from giving your pet the medicine. You can still maximize on the therapeutic potential of CBD. You might be wondering what the signs are for an overdose. For pets, overdose signs include appearing a bit spacey, static ataxia, and, in severe cases, poor appetite and slightly unstable blood pressure.

As mentioned earlier, an overdose is not fatal and you need not take your dog to the emergency room, but it’s still a good idea to contact a veterinarian and seek their advice.

Methods of delivery

You may need to do some research before deciding on the best delivery method for your pet. As is the case with humans, medicinal cannabis can be administered to pets in a variety of ways. For pets, options for delivery include treats, capsules, topical application, and tinctures. Many owners have found oral delivery effective. In many cases, orally administered CBD has helped alleviate severe skin allergies in pets such as dogs.

Consult your vet

It’s advisable to talk to your vet about CBD oil for pets whether or not you live in a prohibition state. The conversation needs to continue and even though many vets don’t know enough about cannabis, that can change if enough people keep the conversation going. As cannabis becomes increasingly accessible, you can get some help for your pets.

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